Jul 20 2017
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Comments Off on The (Relished) Challenge of Redecorating an Inherited Home

My memory has me remembering visiting a recently deceased great aunt of mine exactly once ever in my life, at her lovely, quaint sea-facing cottage in the coastal hills and it was a case of all the kids being told to go play outside most of the time we were there because the interior didn’t quite seem to be child-friendly. The great aunt never married and never had children and that’s perhaps one of the reasons why I truly believed she wasn’t fond of me at all (I thought...

Jul 20 2017
by Ella |
Comments Off on 5 Features to Consider on a Bingo Site

Today, there are countless of new bingo sites all over the internet, and many of them claims to have the best bonuses, online games, slots promotions, etc. You can easily find all of them online, however to pick the best bingo site online can be a dilemma for many. So, it is important to know the best attributes when picking an authentic online bingo site. Kittybingo.tv is one such bingo site that covers all the major criterions to ensure that you have the best bingo experience....

Jul 12 2017
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Comments Off on 4 Cool Ways To Incorporate Exercise Into Family Bonding

A family that sweats together, stays together. The value of making quality time out of exercise or sports is absolutely important, and it ranges from improving family teamwork and communication, to simply associating family with the endorphin rush that comes with putting the human body to work. ...

Jul 10 2017
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Comments Off on The Best Hot Tub for the Whole Family
hot tub holidays UK

Okay, so I guess I’d be justified in assuming that we’re all in agreement that the implied hot tub is one of those which are used in a spa and not a hot tub for taking a bath in. I don’t think there’s a modern day family wherein all members take a bath together, so yeah, I’m definitely talking about one of those hot tubs to relax in and enjoy each other’s company as well as your home living environment. So what is the best hot tub which would be suitable for the whole...

May 26 2017
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Comments Off on Family Fitness Fun

Family schedules can get hectic, and it often seems there’s not enough time in a day or week to do all the things you want to. While work, school, and other commitments have to come first, it’s important that you keep your whole family’s health a priority throughout your routine. One key way of doing this is to make sure they stay active, because activity equals fitness and fitness equals health. How you do this depends on your own family dynamics and lifestyle,...

Mar 28 2017
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Comments Off on 7 Essential Car Care Checks for Family Road Trips

Road trips can be a great way of spending a family break together but they can also turn into a nightmare if your car becomes faulty or – worse still – you suffer an accident. Therefore, it is essential to carry out some car care procedures before embarking. Often, these simple measures will be enough to ensure that your family road trip is a success from start to finish. ...

Feb 27 2017
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Comments Off on DIY Home Activities For Your Baby

These DIY home activities for your child are not only easy to set up, but they also promote your baby’s fine motor skills. They are appropriate for kids and vital for practicing their motor skills through sensory play. ...

Feb 03 2017
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Comments Off on Why playing outdoors is an Important Part of Learning

The outdoors is an important part of the development process in children. While children are surrounded by concrete, getting them into an environment that consists of different colours and space enable them to develop, learn and understand the natural environment. Many studies have been carried out that show that being outdoor helps their brain development as well as their body. Taking the children out of the classroom may seem like a backwards step but many schools are now being...

Jan 31 2017
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Comments Off on 4 Benefits of Kids Growing up with Pets

If you’ve been reluctant to get a pet for your kids, perhaps you’ll change your mind when you hear that there are numerous benefits of your children growing up with animals. Apart from giving them a friend who they’ll simply adore, you will provide them with an opportunity to learn many important life lessons. In addition, being around animals can positively affect children’s health and other aspects of their development. ...

Jan 29 2017
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Comments Off on Home Improvement 101: Go Green without Going Broke

Most people are aware of the environmental problem we’re facing, but they’re intimidated by one question – how much will it cost? Improving your lifestyle and preserving the planet can be affordable provided you organize well and focus your attention to specific aspects of life. Here are some budget-friendly ideas for creating a more sustainable lifestyle. ...

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