Sep 19 2017
by Ella |
Comments Off on The Importance of Window Repair for your Home

Windows are important in every home and commercial building; they provide natural, outdoor light and an undeniable architectural beauty. Maintaining the windows in your home or business is vital to make sure that the building lasts you a lifetime and provides you with the comfort and safety you and your family deserve. Ensuring that your windows are well looked after should be one of the major priorities on your home maintenance list. Having properly maintained windows will help...

Sep 06 2017
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Comments Off on How Waffles Helped us Totally Kill the School Fundraiser

My kids came home one day with a couple of those fundraising sheets we used to get back when I was still in school myself, which had me rolling my eyes before I could have a proper read at what turned out to be a rather exciting prospect. The idea was to raise funds for a brand new cricket pitch to be installed in one of the school yards and personally, I’m all for any such developments which contribute towards keeping the kids off the streets and away from trouble. ...

Sep 03 2017
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Comments Off on IVF With Egg Donation. What To Know.

Over the past number of decades, IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatment has become increasingly popular. It’s now regarded as among the most universal treatment methods for infertility. Because of this, the information and awareness about it has become widely popularised in the  mainstream, as much as the actual procedure. Saying that, not everybody realises the difference in egg donation (a variant of IVF) and why specialists in reproduction are widely recommended it as a...

Aug 21 2017
by Ella |
Comments Off on How to Make the Most of Your Use of the World Wide Web

Of course by “your” use of the World Wide Web that’s inclusive of your entire family’s use of the internet, and unfortunately in the times we’re living in getting the most out of the information superhighway has become somewhat of an art! Between all the censorship, a lot of which is unknown by the average user and SEO-influenced (Search Engine Optimisation) content, what was a planned, innocent session online can turn into a few hours of senselessly wasted time and...

Aug 04 2017
by Ella |
Comments Off on Find Out Why Praising Your Kids May Not Be The Smartest Idea

Today, most parents praise their children for every little thing they do. It’s far different from the early generations, where parents hold back commending their kids as they prefer to show their tougher side. ...

Aug 03 2017
by Ella |
Comments Off on Towards a Greener Summer

Summer is finally here! While we’re all excited to run out, play, and have some summertime fun, we know that after a long day at the office, sometimes all you want to do is lay down and rest on your comfy bed. The thing is that many of us don’t have all that comfortable a bed, as much as we use it for relaxation in the summer. When the temperature is heating up and you need a bit more comfort in your sleeptime routine, some people resort to sleeping on the couch or even outside...

Jul 27 2017
by Ella |
Comments Off on How to teach your kids the importance of charity

As a parent, it’s likely there are a lot of key life lessons you’ll want your children to understand – one being the importance of charity. Knowing how to broach this subject with your kids can be tricky, so if you’re stuck on where to start, keep reading. Below, you’ll find some useful tips and tricks you can use to teach your little ones about charitable causes and how they can get involved. ...

Jul 24 2017
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Comments Off on Why Is Green Oak Ideal for Frame Structures?

Green oak (also known as fresh sawn oak) is unseasoned, meaning that it hasn’t been allowed to dry out since being cut. Since it will dry out over time, changing shape a little and getting thinner as it does so, it’s a material that people often avoid using. That said, green oak does come with certain advantages that make it ideal for certain projects. For example, green oak can make an excellent choice if you’re looking for frame structures, and here are just three reasons...

Jul 20 2017
by Ella |
Comments Off on The (Relished) Challenge of Redecorating an Inherited Home

My memory has me remembering visiting a recently deceased great aunt of mine exactly once ever in my life, at her lovely, quaint sea-facing cottage in the coastal hills and it was a case of all the kids being told to go play outside most of the time we were there because the interior didn’t quite seem to be child-friendly. The great aunt never married and never had children and that’s perhaps one of the reasons why I truly believed she wasn’t fond of me at all (I thought...

Jul 20 2017
by Ella |
Comments Off on 5 Features to Consider on a Bingo Site

Today, there are countless of new bingo sites all over the internet, and many of them claims to have the best bonuses, online games, slots promotions, etc. You can easily find all of them online, however to pick the best bingo site online can be a dilemma for many. So, it is important to know the best attributes when picking an authentic online bingo site. is one such bingo site that covers all the major criterions to ensure that you have the best bingo experience....

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