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Jul 24 2017
by Ella |
Comments Off on Why Is Green Oak Ideal for Frame Structures?

Green oak (also known as fresh sawn oak) is unseasoned, meaning that it hasn’t been allowed to dry out since being cut. Since it will dry out over time, changing shape a little and getting thinner as it does so, it’s a material that people often avoid using. That said, green oak does come with certain advantages that make it ideal for certain projects. For example, green oak can make an excellent choice if you’re looking for frame structures, and here are just three reasons...

Jul 20 2017
by Ella |
Comments Off on The (Relished) Challenge of Redecorating an Inherited Home

My memory has me remembering visiting a recently deceased great aunt of mine exactly once ever in my life, at her lovely, quaint sea-facing cottage in the coastal hills and it was a case of all the kids being told to go play outside most of the time we were there because the interior didn’t quite seem to be child-friendly. The great aunt never married and never had children and that’s perhaps one of the reasons why I truly believed she wasn’t fond of me at all (I thought...

Feb 27 2017
by Ella |
Comments Off on DIY Home Activities For Your Baby

These DIY home activities for your child are not only easy to set up, but they also promote your baby’s fine motor skills. They are appropriate for kids and vital for practicing their motor skills through sensory play. ...

Jan 29 2017
by Ella |
Comments Off on Home Improvement 101: Go Green without Going Broke

Most people are aware of the environmental problem we’re facing, but they’re intimidated by one question – how much will it cost? Improving your lifestyle and preserving the planet can be affordable provided you organize well and focus your attention to specific aspects of life. Here are some budget-friendly ideas for creating a more sustainable lifestyle. ...

Jan 26 2017
by Ella |
Comments Off on 2017 Children’s Room Trends

Decorating children’s rooms is always fun. In case you are designing new rooms for your little ones or you simply want to add some style to their current ones, you should make sure you are following some of the latest trends regarding children’s rooms. We have come up with 5 of these that are guaranteed to instantly make your entire home look more stylish. Make sure you check them all out. ...

Jan 24 2017
by Ella |
Comments Off on Spice up Your Kitchen with These 2017 Interior Design Ingredients

For those looking to elevate the design of their kitchen and make it more modern, we have listed the top kitchen design trends that are likely to win over the 2017. ...

Jan 11 2017
by Ella |
Comments Off on Style your bathroom with marble natural stone tiles

Having a bath after a stressful day at work is probably the most relaxing thing that you can easily do in the comfort of your home without much effort. It will help you refresh, recharge and face the challenges of the new day. You can decorate the bathroom with flowers, candles or figurines that bring you happiness and a sense of coziness. There is, however, one ultimate trick to turn your bathroom into an unique retreat with a spa-like atmosphere, and that is to use natural stone...

Oct 19 2016
by Ella |
Comments Off on De-Stress Your Bedroom

Without adequate ѕtоrаgе ѕрасе, bеdrооmѕ саn often fееl ѕоmеwhаt undеr ѕіеgе bу аll the clutter thаt will еvеntuаllу build uр оn thе flооr. Thіѕ саn рrоvе to bе a grеаt ѕоurсе оf ѕtrеѕѕ, еѕресіаllу if аll you wаnt аftеr a hаrd dау at wоrk іѕ a clean аnd сlеаr bеdrооm with a саlmіng, сluttеr-frее atmosphere. Whаt mаkеѕ this difficult to achieve, though, іѕ thе wау in whісh a lоt...

Sep 10 2016
by Ella |
Comments Off on Hitting the Sweetest Spot

Fast food chains would love to have you believe that their ‘unmistakable’ food products taste exactly the same wherever in the world you go, but the truth is that in reality there are some subtle differences. In fact, in some instances if you were blind-folded and made to taste say a popular cheeseburger from the same chain store’s different branches located in different countries, you’d not really be able to make a link between the two. Try as they may, unless it’s...

May 03 2016
by Ella |
Comments Off on Re-Doing Your Living Room for a More Homey Feel

It’s naturally one of the most headache-inducing interior spaces to decorate mainly because it’s perhaps the centre-point of your home, but decorating your living room is indeed a lifelong commitment. A living room is never really totally complete because you’ll find yourself re-doing it in some way or another, more than once after you first decorate it. Whether you’re temporarily re-arranging and re-decorating for a specific function or event, or if you’re giving it...

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