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Feb 03 2017
by Ella |
Comments Off on Why playing outdoors is an Important Part of Learning

The outdoors is an important part of the development process in children. While children are surrounded by concrete, getting them into an environment that consists of different colours and space enable them to develop, learn and understand the natural environment. Many studies have been carried out that show that being outdoor helps their brain development as well as their body. Taking the children out of the classroom may seem like a backwards step but many schools are now being...

Jan 31 2017
by Ella |
Comments Off on 4 Benefits of Kids Growing up with Pets

If you’ve been reluctant to get a pet for your kids, perhaps you’ll change your mind when you hear that there are numerous benefits of your children growing up with animals. Apart from giving them a friend who they’ll simply adore, you will provide them with an opportunity to learn many important life lessons. In addition, being around animals can positively affect children’s health and other aspects of their development. ...

Oct 16 2016
by Ella |
Comments Off on Celebrating your twins first birthday on a budget.

You’ve survived the first year of twins and you want to celebrate them turning one. However the first year of their life has left your bank balance at its worst!! All your other twin mums are coming up with wacky, exciting ways to celebrate and you are trying to get your head around your finances on celebrating two babies turning one. It’s an amazing milestone and celebrating it doesn’t have to break the bank here are a couple of ideas. ...

Jul 27 2016
by Ella |
Comments Off on Summer Holiday Activities for Kids – Keeping Them Fit and Healthy

It’s that time of year again – the dreaded summer holidays! With six whole weeks to try and keep your kids entertained, it can feel like an impossible and stressful task keeping them active. ...

Jul 07 2016
by Ella |
Comments Off on How to Prepare Your Children for a Foster or Adopted Sibling

If you have decided to add to your family through foster care or adoption, it’s crucial that you fully prepare your children for the new addition. Before your new foster or adopted child walks through your door and comes to stay, it’s important to make sure that your family is fully ready for the change that is about to take place. As you parent your children and begin to prepare them for their foster or adopted sibling, there are a number of things that should be kept in...

Jul 04 2016
by Ella |
Comments Off on Keeping an Eye on the Kids’ Online Activities

Not too long ago when we were little kids, the mere knowledge that it was finally summertime again sent us into a state of delirium as our heads filled up with excited thoughts of all the mischief we’d now be able to get up to under the sun. You tend to look forward to just being able to jump into the pool and make a proper water bomb, or head to the beach to experience summer the best way we knew how. You only need to look at the printed photographs some of us still have of...

Apr 19 2016
by Ella |
Comments Off on How to Commemorate Your Daughters 21st

The 21st birthday is a big one, which I don’t need to remind anyone reading this, as they will remember theirs. I spent mine at my own party hungover, because my uncle had force-fed me flagons of cider the night before. Your 18th is when everyone tells you your now an adult and many of the shackles of youth are lifted from you, however I guarantee it’s not until 21 that you start to believe people when they tell you you’re an adult (for man-babies like my brother, it can...

Apr 19 2016
by Ella |
Comments Off on Essay on Family Traditions

One of the most disturbing observations repeatedly vocalised by people who fall into the grandparents’ age group is that family traditions appear to be dying a slow and painful death. The elderly fondly talk about the good old days, when many of the socio-economic problems faced could be solved through the application of a few familiar, tried-sand-tested solutions. They definitely have a point and with age comes the wisdom of a very rich mix of proper life experience. However,...

Feb 26 2016
by Ella |
Comments Off on 5 things you Need to know about surrogacy

Are you looking for options in building your family? Is getting pregnant not an option? There are many solutions now to family planning, especially with the advancing technologies today. Surrogacy has become a popular choice for couples who have difficulty getting pregnant to grow their families. Today there are 9 children born in every state every year thru surrogacy. Like all other options, you should carefully take into account the importance of knowing all the details before...

Feb 04 2016
by Ella |
Comments Off on Put the World’s Safest Trampoline in Your Backyard

If you’re a parent, when it comes time for your children to head outside for some fun and fresh air, the first thing on your mind is their safety. Jungle gyms, slides, and even trampolines can be the cause of pain or injury — especially if they aren’t designed properly. According to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, traditional metal spring trampolines are responsible for the injuries of an estimated eight children per day, and hundreds of Australian...

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