What makes a great International School?

Posted on Nov 27 2017 - 10:37am by Ella

International education is a big business and the last decade has seen an exponential growth with the number of international schools doubling across the globe. International schools include a variety of institutions which have different terms, curriculum and school systems. Does having the word international attached to the school name make it an international school? In order to be acknowledged as an international school, the school should follow an international curriculum and should maintain international standards of imparting education. It is not where the students come from; it is about how the educational program is delivered. It is also about the recognition of the program across different countries and institutions.

Factors that make a great International school:

  1. The learning environment: The international school should develop meaningful and sustainable approach to impart education among the students. It should have all the facilities and resources which are required for great learning. It is not simply about the classrooms but about the layout and quality of facilities offered to the students.
  2. The Students: International schools should have a multilingual student body and should allow the transferability of the students’ education. The students should be able to understand the international curriculum and the requirements to qualify for the same.
  3. Curriculum: The curriculum in an international school should have an international accreditation and should have English as a medium of instruction. The curriculum should include a wide range of courses and allow the student to choose the preferred course based on their interest and liking.
  4. Staff: Last but not the least, the staff in an international school should look beyond the classroom and accept their responsibility as the resource that carves the future of a student. International schools should hire great staff and ensure that the teachers are constantly refining their skill and knowledge.

The IB school in London is ranked amongst one of the top 20% of UK schools. It offers an IB program for learners aged 3 to 18. The school offers a wide range of subject options and has exceptional facilities that boost the knowledge of the students. With the best faculty and an exceptional curriculum, IB school in London is the most preferred school for an international program. The school maintains the highest standards of education and discipline on the premises. It strives for the overall growth of the student and is not limited to the grades of the student.

It has a unique learning environment where every student is encouraged to pursue the subject of liking and the students are motivated towards skill development. It has various students from different countries which add to the diverse culture and learning environment. The school has been acclaimed for best in class facilities and for the delivery of an extensive and unique international curriculum. There is professional development of the staff that is trained from time to time in their subject of expertise. Equal importance is laid on classroom education and skill development of the students.