What makes a great private school?

Posted on Nov 27 2017 - 10:44am by Ella

Picking the right school environment is a huge decision for the parents. Every parent wants their child to grow up in a friendly and secure environment. There has always been a debate between single sex and co-ed schools for children. While many parents believe that single sex education is ideal for their child, there are many other who prefer co-education for their child.

The possibility of attraction and distraction

Many parents have mentioned that they prefer single sex education for their child due to the possibility of attraction and distraction of their child. In a co-ed school, boys and girls will be spending all the time together and this leads to attraction among them. Although parents sometimes look at it negatively, many parents consider this as a part of growing up and taking it with in a free spirit. It will also allow the child to grow on an emotional level.

Development of social skills

In a co-ed school, children learn social skills and are comfortable with the presence of the other sex in their class. Once out of school, every child has to live in world which has both the sexes, hence it is important for the children to develop social skills with both the sexes. Only co-ed schools can teach this to them.

Competitive spirit

We live in a co-ed world and every child needs to be prepared to face the global world. With a co-ed school, the children will be motivated to perform their best and they will be competing with the opposite sex at all times. This will help build a competitive spirit in the child and they will consider themselves as equal.  Quinton House School offers equal opportunities to the children and ensures an overall development. They ensure that the students are comfortable around each other and motivate them to compete and excel in every field. Learn more about the school here.

Healthy self esteem

Many children have mentioned that they feel confident expressing their opinions to the opposite sex and find it easier to make friends with them. If a child has studied in a co-ed school, they will be brought up in a manner which makes it easier for them to raise their opinion and do not shy away. They will find it easier to make friends in the future and it will benefit their self-esteem.

Whatever decision you take for your child now will have a long lasting impact on them. Single sex school educated child finds it difficult to raise their opinion or make friends with the opposite sex. It has been noted that co-educated children are carefree and find it easier to blend into a crowd. They consider each other as equal and they perform exceptionally well in the future as well.

Quinton House School in Northampton shire is a well-known academic institution which prepares the children for tomorrow. The private school offers equal opportunities to every child and has a strong academic record. You can contact the school here.