Mar 04 2016
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Comments Off on Would you want to be a Celebrity Mum?

With mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, an online voucher code website created a fun quiz to help you determine which celebrity mum you are. Their ‘Which Celebrity Mom Are You Quiz’ uses your answers to their select question to determine which A-lister mum you are! ...

Dec 27 2015
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Comments Off on 3 Things That Could Be Putting Your Home’s Foundation and Your Family In Danger

When it comes to your home, the foundation is literally what holds the whole thing together. Without a proper foundation, your home could settle into the ground, causing big problems for the structural integrity of the building and the safety of those living inside of it. However, it’s often hard for homeowners to tell if their foundation is vulnerable until it’s too late and thousands of dollars are needed to address the problem and keep your home safe and secure. To avoid...

Dec 11 2015
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Comments Off on Get the must have Christmas toys for the lowest price

I’m sure this Christmas many children have written to Father Christmas wanting the latest, must have toys! It’s hard for many families to afford one present, let alone the full Christmas list for their kids. As people are feeling the pinch online voucher website My Voucher Codes have created a handy Christmas Gift Finder, for parents to observe the prices of some of the most popular Christmas toys on the market now. This helpful tool allows parents to find the best prices...

Nov 23 2015
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Comments Off on Top 3 children’s Christmas catalogues

Christmas is a time of celebration and family, although we should be wary about the effects of rampant consumerism, there is nothing that beats the pleasure of getting together with the whole family and watching the childrens faces as they open their presents! Children certainly appreciate the sheer joy of Christmas without our cynical and jaded outlook! For many of us, giving the children their presents is the most anticipated part of Christmas, kids really look forward to getting...

Nov 18 2015
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Comments Off on 3 Tips for Creating College Savings For Your Kids

In today’s world, obtaining a college education can be expensive. From tuition and books to room and board, the amount of money needed to pay for college makes many parents’ heads spin. And with an ever fluctuating economy, it seems safe to say that the price for college will just keep rising and rising as your children get closer to being ready to attend a higher education school. ...

Nov 16 2015
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Comments Off on 8 Ways to Take a Much Deserved Break

We all deserve a little time for ourselves every once in a while. It doesn’t make us bad parents. In fact, it’s good for the whole family if we take a little time out for ourselves when the opportunity arises. ...

Nov 15 2015
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Comments Off on 5 Tips for Keep Your Home Pest Free

There are very few things worse than being annoyed by pests in your home, and many times once they have taken up residence, it’s hard to know what to do in order to get rid of them and keep them from coming back. ...

Nov 05 2015
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Comments Off on How to Improve Your Child’s Literacy

At Parents’ Evenings, the question I am most commonly asked is: how can I improve my child’s literacy? There is a massive focus on literacy and numeracy levels in the UK at the moment, and a vast array of evidence to suggest we, as a nation, do not fare well in comparison to other European countries in these areas so, understandably, many parents are keen to support their child’s development in these two incredibly important areas. I meet loads of parents regularly who...

Oct 30 2015
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Comments Off on Four Reasons You Should Be Using Coupons

There is a lot of argument out there on whether coupons really save people money or not. For those that swear by coupons it helps them save a good deal of money. For every person that has written an article about why you shouldn’t, or don’t need to, use coupons, there are three more that have written articles about why you should be using them. ...

Oct 30 2015
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Comments Off on How to Tattoo Yourself – DIY Tips

Tattoo specialists Do you long to have a tattoo in any part of your body? Are you afraid of negative results after a tattoo? Well, worry no more because there are a number of qualified professions who can tattoo you any image you may think of, or an image you prefer.  You will not have to worry anymore. ...

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