Nov 03 2014
by Ella |
Comments Off on Is cavity wall insulation for you?

When it comes to the proper insulation for your home, there are different options available. One particular option for homeowners is insulation in the cavity walls of the home, especially for houses that have been built after the 1920s, because this is when homes began to be constructed with a gap in between the outer walls and the inner walls. With the right cavity wall insulation, this gap can be filled, saving more energy and making the home’s temperature more comfortable. How...

Nov 01 2014
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Comments Off on How To Raise A Kind, Compassionate Child

Thanks to vastateparkstaff for the image. When you have a child, you hope that they will be healthy and happy. You hope that they will grow up smart and forward thinking. Most of all, you hope that they will be kind and compassionate. However, these attributes can be taught from a young age. Don’t just hope! Shape your child’s understanding of compassion and empathy. They’ll grow into a kind-hearted, compassionate adult. Many skills can be instilled in children at a young...

Oct 31 2014
by Ella |
Comments Off on How Foosball Can Keep Your Family Entertained Through the Cold, Rainy Days!

Days are officially getting shorter and the nights are drawing in, the weather is getting worse and a bitter cold is upon us, making opportunities to be outside few and far between. When you have kids this is bad news as you’re left with the daily dilemma of what to do to keep them occupied (and, in my case, not bickering with each other all day long!). Cooped up kids with bags of energy can be a nightmare, so I was absolutely THRILLED when my husband invested in a little toy...

Oct 28 2014
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Comments Off on 10 Tips and Ideas for Family Photography

When it comes to family, you want to capture special moments. What better way to do so than with photography? With a picture, you can remember a moment as it was. A photo is a perfect reminder to a particular day, event or age of your children. With photography, you can look back and cherish the special moments in your life. Family photography can be fun and exciting, especially when you consider special tips and tricks. Below are a few ideas to help you enjoy a day of family...

Oct 27 2014
by Ella |
Comments Off on Prom: Rules For Parents

Prom night is a confusing time for parents. You will be proud that your child has grown up and made it to graduation. It’s a major step in watching them develop into an adult. However, it is also a very scary time. You child is now old enough to make their own decisions and peer pressure is heavy on prom night. You will be worried about drinking, drugs and sex. That is completely normal, but as long as you are prepared, you can handle it. Thanks to {Salt of the Earth} for the...

Oct 24 2014
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Comments Off on How to Enjoy Family Days Out On a Tight Budget

As parents, we want to do what is best by our children and families.  However, if we are experiencing financial problems and don’t have as much money to spare for days out with the family, we can feel depressed because we aren’t providing enough fun and entertaining activities for the people we love.   If this is how you feel, don’t be too down, as you will see from the following article there are plenty of ways to have great days out together as a family without it costing...

Oct 23 2014
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Comments Off on How To Encourage Kids To Play Outdoors

From a very early age, children need to develop their creativity. They need to exercise all of their muscles and use all of their senses. Their brains need to make neurological connections. By doing these things they will learn language faster and develop intelligence. They’ll begin to understand social skills and hand-eye coordination. These are all things they need to grow into a healthy adult. Nowadays, children are too often sat in front of screens. TVs, laptops and tablets...

Oct 20 2014
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Comments Off on The Best Classical Music for a Wedding

Music to accompany your wedding is tough to choose. There are several key events for your big day when you may want to use music to help the guests get in the mood. As they are arriving, you may want to help them feel welcome and relaxed by playing some music. Most brides want music to accompany them walking down the aisle. It may be you have a procession that will need a different piece of music. Once you have sent out the wedding invites, ordered the cake, booked the venues...

Oct 11 2014
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Comments Off on The Ultimate Day Out Survival Kit For Any Modern Family

Image: David Amsler We love going on day trips as a family. Exploring new places and going to attractions is a great way to bond as a family. When you go to see things alone, you can travel light. When you are on a trip as a family, you need to take a whole range of items to make sure that you get through the day without any fuss. When you’re planning a day trip, make sure you take the essentials. If you have small children, you need to make sure that you have everything...

Oct 10 2014
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Comments Off on Taking the Pain Out of Packing for a Property Move

Alongside divorce and bereavement, moving house is often said to be one of the most stressful things that people can do. One of the worst things about relocating to a new home is having to pack up all your belongings. However, the following simple tips should help to make this mammoth task that little bit easier. Give yourself plenty of time Flickr image  One of the biggest mistakes people make when they’re getting ready for a property move is to leave their packing too late,...

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