10 Tips and Ideas for Family Photography

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:00am by Ella

When it comes to family, you want to capture special moments. What better way to do so than with photography? With a picture, you can remember a moment as it was. A photo is a perfect reminder to a particular day, event or age of your children. With photography, you can look back and cherish the special moments in your life. Family photography can be fun and exciting, especially when you consider special tips and tricks. Below are a few ideas to help you enjoy a day of family photo-taking!

#1 Color Coordination

Many family choose to coordinate with color. When every family member wears a common color, you get a sense of continuity which makes the picture look modern and wonderful. Choose a color that looks well on every member of your family as well as will pop off with your chosen backdrop for the photos.

#2 Choose Your Favorite Season

The spring and fall are the most popular seasons for taking photos. In the spring, you can take photos in fields of flowers or at the beach, while the fall offers colorful leaves and foliage. Choose your favorite season and capture everyone in your family with a lovely photo session.


#3 Multiple Photos

Remember to take multiple photos of your family. You will find someone is always looking away or not smiling, so taking several photos will ensure that you have at least one that meets your criteria and provides you with a memorable moment for your family.

#4 Weather Conscious

When planning a photo shoot, be sure to remember the weather. Each season has its weather issues and if you are planning a photography session outside, you want to be sure that the weather cooperates. Keep an eye on the weather and have a backup plan if rain or storms interrupt your session.

#5 Consider the Kiddos


Remember to consider the age of your children. With toddlers, you will want to work around nap time. Older children are easier to photo, but can become irritable over time. Consider what your child needs to be able to schedule an appointment.

#6 Props

For fun photos of your family, consider using props. Create a theme for your photo session to have unique photos that fit your family personality.

#7 Quality photographer

When considering family photos, it is essential to work with a quality photographer. Such companies as Light Republic—Family Photography, can offer the best photography options with professional services. By working with a professional, you can feel good about how your pictures will turn out after the session.

#8 Deals, Deals, Deals

When trying to find a professional photographer to work with, begin to search for deals. During the cold winter months or hot summer, you will most likely be able to find a deal. Search photographer’s websites and Facebook pages to find deals for your next session.

#9 Have Patience

Remember to have patience when taking photos. Children and even adults can get tired of posing rather quickly. Be patient and the day will run smoothly.


#10 Have Fun

An as always, remember to have fun! You are with your family and by having fun, the smiles in every photo will be genuine and heart-warming!