2017 Children’s Room Trends

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:20am by Ella

Decorating children’s rooms is always fun. In case you are designing new rooms for your little ones or you simply want to add some style to their current ones, you should make sure you are following some of the latest trends regarding children’s rooms. We have come up with 5 of these that are guaranteed to instantly make your entire home look more stylish. Make sure you check them all out.


Gray Is a Great Option

Choosing the main colors for your children’s rooms is never easy. Luckily, new trends have shown us that all shades of the color gray look absolutely perfect in any space specially designed for children. It is just as neutral as white is, but it still makes a room look more happy and lively. What’s so great about it is that you can use it for walls, furniture as well as any decoration item in your little ones’ rooms. And if you want to add a modern twist to it, you can always mix it with yellow, pink or tangerine shades.

You Can Take More Risks

We all tend to stick to some rules and traditions when trying to come up with a perfect room design. This is especially the case when we are looking for a great solution for children’s rooms. Still, in 2017, we are expecting to see more and more parents deciding to go for something more risky and unique. So, why not mix two colors you never really thought about using together? Also, coming up of some unique decorations will always make your children’s rooms look more interesting.

There Are Tons of Mini Seating Options

Even though every children’s room used to have a table with a couple of tiny chairs around it, this is not something you are going to find in most of the rooms designed in the last couple of years. Bean bags are becoming a more popular option, since they provide much more comfort for your little ones. And with children spending so much time on their smartphones or watching TV, having something as comfortable as these tiny bean bags is a great idea. If you want to go for something else as well, bulky ottomans are another interesting option.

A Colorful Rug is an Absolute Must-Have

Getting colorful rugs for your children’s rooms is another great idea, especially if you have chosen more neutral colors for the walls and furniture. It’s always a good idea to choose your rug last, so that you know exactly what size you need. So, once you find new beds and desks for your little ones, make sure you check out kids rugs online and find something that will fit in just perfectly. When placing a rug, always try to put it next to your children’s beds so they can step on it when getting out of bed.

Wallpapers Are Quite a Thing Once Again

It’s safe to say that wallpapers are once again a huge trend everywhere and it seems like it will stick with us for quite a long time. Wallpapers of the past were too cutesy and too frilly, but the new options available on the market are something completely different. They look fun and contemporary, which makes them just a perfect pick for children’s rooms. In addition, opting for a wallpaper means you will be able to go for absolutely any pattern or graphic for your little ones’ rooms.

Make sure you stay on top of these 5 trends and your children’s rooms will look absolutely amazing. In addition, always keep looking for some new trends regarding spaces for children.