3 Ideas for Bringing Your Family Closer Together

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:02am by Ella

Almost all parents feel that their family could be closer. Whether your children have large age gaps, work has begun to take over the lives of one or more family members, or you are dealing with issues like addiction or illness, it’s never too late to make changes that will unify and strengthen your family.

While the idea to get your family closer is great in and of itself, you can’t accomplish this goal without some real thought and planning. To help you on this journey, here are three ideas for helping to bring your family closer together and to have greater peace, harmony, and unity within the walls of your home.

Follow the Formula for Togetherness

Just because your family is all in the same location doesn’t always count as being “together”. With all the distractions that can pull family members away from each other even when they’re sitting side-by-side, it can be difficult to know how to get real togetherness when you’re together.


To help families know what spending quality time together means, Marie Hartwell-Walker explains the formula for togetherness on PsychCentral.com. In order to have true togetherness with your family, you must have Time +Talk + Teamwork. This means you’re spending time together, communicating with each other, and working toward a common goal. The next time you’re trying to plan some quality family time, keep this formula in mind.

Unite During Trials and Hardships

While trials and tribulations can create an atmosphere of depression and discouragement within a family unit, they can also be amazing springboards for greater family unity and closeness. To bring our families close together in the face of adversity, Sara Hagmann from FamilyShare.com explains that trials help you learn from other’s examples, feel empathy toward family members, and find your identity within your own family unit. All three of these aspects of familial hardships can help bring your family closer together despite tough times.

Serve Those Around You

If you’re looking for specific activities your family can do together that will bring everyone closer, there’s nothing out there that can beat good old fashioned service. By participating in some kind of service project, you’re covering all the areas of the formula for togetherness while also helping out other families who may be going through difficulties. Monique Valeris of Essence.com recommends for families to volunteer in food shelters, hospitals, or charity walks as a way to serve those within your own community and around the world.

Every member of your family can benefit from having strong bonds within the family unit. By spending quality time together, holding strong to one another during times of trial, and encouraging an attitude of service to those around you, your family will start becoming the close, tight-knit group you’ve always dreamed of.