3 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe In Your Backyard

Posted on Mar 2 2020 - 2:18pm by Ella

Now that winter is starting to give way to spring in many areas, it’s time to start getting your kids outside to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. 

For many parents, it can be a great break to have their kids playing outside on their own for a while. However, in order for you to feel comfortable sending your kids outside to play, you have to be sure that they’re going to be safe out there.

To help you do this, here are three tips for keeping your kids safe in your backyard. 

Keep Wild Animals Out

Depending on where you live, protecting your children from wild animals might be something that you need to pay attention to. Animals like bears, mountain lions, elk, badgers, deer, and even squirrels and dogs or cats can cause harm to your children when in close proximity. Because of this, you might want to consider putting up a fence that most of these animals will have a hard time penetrating.

Ideally, a fence that’s meant to keep out animals should be relatively tall as well as being made of some kind of material that the animals you’re wanting to keep out can’t fit through. Additionally, Alexia Chianis, a contributor to SafeWise.com, recommends that you also install a gate in the fence that’s self-closing and self-latching so that the fence never gets left open.  

Watch Out For Strangers

Along with a fence keeping out unwanted animals, it can also help to protect your children from strangers as well. 

But while a fence can be helpful in keeping people out and keeping your kids away from passersby, Kathleen M. Heins, a contributor to Better Homes and Gardens, shares that you also need to teach your children how to be vigilant around people they may not know or recognize. By doing this, your children should be able to tell when they need to get inside or find a trusted adult to help or supervise them. 

Prevent Common Injuries

Aside from external factors that could cause harm to your children, you also need to ensure that your backyard is a safe area for your child to avoid common injuries. 

According to Don Vandervort, a contributor to HomeTips.com, common backyard injuries include things like falling off tall structures, bug bites, issues with standing water, and more. So before you allow your kids to play in your backyard unsupervised, make sure you have eliminated potential hazards that they could get hurt on. 

If you want your kids to spend a decent amount of time playing in your backyard on their own, consider using the tips mentioned above to help ensure that they’ll be safe and secure when they’re back there.