3 Types Of Jobs Your Teen Could Have While Going To School

Posted on Aug 13 2019 - 6:43am by Ella

As many school years are starting back up, you may have a teen who’s planning on winding down their summer job in order to give their full attention back to their studies. While this could be the right choice for some teens, others teens either need to or want to continue working throughout their school year.

Although not all jobs are going to be conducive for teens still going to school, there are plenty of jobs out there that could be a great match for your teen and give him or her the flexibility they need to still have time for their education.

To help you and your teen decide if this is the right choice for them, here are three types of jobs your teen could have while still going to school. 

Tutor, Teacher, Or Coach

Now that your teen has mastered some things in their life, becoming a tutor, teacher, or coach could be a great option for them. Especially if your teen has a passion for something that they’re also very skilled at, like playing the piano, playing a specific sport, or a particular subject in school, teaching those things to a younger student could be a great way to hone their skills even more.

According to David Quilty, a contributor to Money Crashers, parents will pay tutors, teachers, and coaches good money if they anticipate it helping their child do better. So if your teen can prove that they can benefit their student or player, this could be a great job to do before or after school hours. 

Fast Food Or Retail

Not only should you encourage your teen to get a job so they can learn a little about supporting themselves, but jobs can also help your teen learn some great life skills. Two types of jobs that can be particularly good at this are part-time jobs in fast food or retail.

Madison Dupaix, a contributor to The Balance Careers, fast food or retail jobs will often hire teens with little to no experience and give shorter shifts, making them perfect first-time jobs for teens. In this environment, your teen will learn about working with others, customer service, and being part of a larger team. 

Babysitting Or Other Caregiving

One of the most traditional jobs that teens have while also going to school is that of babysitting or another type of caregiving. If your teen isn’t interested in babysitting young kids, they could also pet sit, house sit, or care for the elderly. 

FamilyEducation.com shares that caregiving is a great job for teens because they can learn things like responsibility and reliability

If you have a teen that’s wanting to have a part-time job while going to school, consider using the tips mentioned above to help them pick the right job for them.