3 Ways to Foster a Love of Music in Children

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:02am by Ella

Learning to play an instrument seems to be a rite of passage for many children. But not every child is going to react positively after their parents sign them up to take piano lessons in West Island. With a negative mindset, playing music becomes nothing more than an aggravating chore. So how can parents avoid this misstep? It starts by fostering a love of music in the home. Here are a few ways to get kids to love music so they’ll be excited about learning an instrument.

  1. Listen to Music in the Home

It sounds like a surprisingly basic principle, but many homes are almost completely devoid of music. If you want your kids to have an interest in learning a musical instrument, listening to music in the home should be part of your family’s normal routine.

Look for times when you can bring a little music into the home, such as when you’re cooking dinner or doing chores. This is an easy way to help kids develop their musical tastes.

  1. Play Music Yourself

Kids are often more motivated to participate in an activity when their parents set the example for them – and music is no different. Make a conscious effort to sing songs with your children, or to play your favorite instrument for them. Moreover, you may need to have some essential components while you or your child start learning music. Comfortable seating (like wood piano benches), a recording setup, and a spacious room can be considered a perfect music setup for learning this art.

Your example can easily be what sparks a desire to learn more about a particular instrument. Also, while playing the instruments, you might want to get them customized to the likes of your children. This could inspire them to play along with you as well. Check out online stores like rockskins.com where you can tailor the drum wrap (if you play it) to the likings of your kids. And, of course, playing music together is also a great way to create lasting memories with your children.

  1. Attend Concerts

Few activities help foster a love for music like attending a concert in person. You don’t have to limit yourself to classical performances, either. Even seeing a solo artist perform at a local coffee shop offers a fun experience that is much different than simply listening to a song on the radio. Music festivals, in particular, provide a great venue to see a wide variety of bands.

While parents should always choose age-appropriate performances for their children, it helps to attend concerts that appeal to their musical tastes. There is a distinct energy present at any live performance, but this will be far better appreciated if the kids enjoy the music being played.

Parting Thoughts

As you make music a central part of your family’s activities, your children will learn to appreciate the important role it has to play in their lives. Even more importantly, they will become interested and excited to learn more about a particular instrument or musical style, ensuring a positive experience when they start taking lessons.