5 Artists You Should Introduce to Your Children

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:02am by Ella

Exposing your children to great things is one of the best parts of being a parent. Giving your child their first ice cream bar, showing them the stars and introducing them to great artists are a few of the most wonderful aspects. Some artists appeal more to children than others, but there are a couple who are hugely influential to nearly everyone. Included here are a few of the great artists your children should be aware of.

Van Gogh

One of the most universally beloved artists, Van Gogh has been idolized for many years. His use of color is one of the attributes that makes him astounding as an artist. With well-known favorites like “Starry Night” and “Cafe Terrace at Night,” Van Gogh became famous many years after his death. Children tend to be huge fans of bright color and impressionistic painting styles, so Van Gogh is sure to be a fast favorite.


Nano Lopez

A native Colombian, Lopez is a fairly recent artist, specializing in sculpture. His artwork is currently on display, and for sale, at Park West Gallery. Lopez’s intriguing sculptures are multi-faceted works of art that are sure to capture attention for long periods of time. By integrating one of his incredible pieces into your home, you are sure to inspire your children and create a talking piece for company.


Another wizard with color, Picasso shocked the art world with his incredible pictures which spurred the birth of cubism and surrealism. His pictures are striking, colorful and abstract. Children will have the opportunity to decipher meanings out of many pictures and can attempt to replicate them. Getting prints of a Picasso work put up in your child’s room would be a fantastic way to add fine art to the home.


Tim Yanke

Yanke is an All-American artist who is still currently selling paintings and creating art. He is most recognized for his Patriotic American Flag paintings as well as his frequent use of the dragonfly. Recently, Yanke has donated a few of his original paintings to homeowners newly settled in Habitat for Humanity Builds. His works of art are still for sale in the United States at Park West Gallery.


Slightly older children are more likely to have the attention span to focus on the fine details of a Monet painting. They will learn to appreciate the beautiful impressionistic era, as well as his use of color and perspective. Monet has been beloved for his loose, relaxed brush stroke as well as his love of light and color. Not as attention-getting as a Picasso painting, it takes more time to appreciate the subtleties of a Monet. Youths may enjoy attempting to replicate the brush style as well as implement their own color schemes and subject matter.