5 Fantastic Places to Visit in Europe (On a Budget)

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:02am by Ella

There are many destinations offering fantastic cultural experiences dotted around Europe and many of us would like to visit as many as possible, for a weekend trip or longer.

The problem is that by the time you add up the cost of getting there and factor in accommodation costs and eating out, even a quick trip can stretch the budget beyond your limit.

Rather than simply decide to stay at home because you think the cost of your holiday adventure might be too much to pay, the smart strategy would be search out some attractive destinations where budget-conscious tourists will get great value for money and enjoy a memorable cultural experience.

This infographic highlights some excellent European destinations to visit on a budget.

Antwerp is a great example of how you can broaden your cultural horizons without breaking the bank, if you know where to stay and eat when you get there. This doesn’t necessarily mean making a compromise either, as you find restaurants which offer good quality local cuisine at prices that local residents often consider to be fair.

Even iconic European cultural hotspots like Barcelona can be affordable if you know where to stay and you can still find reasonable rates within walking distance of many famous attractions without stretching your holiday budget just on accommodation.

Fine dining in major cities doesn’t always have to cost a fortune either as staying in Barcelona for example, you can head to a tapas bar frequented by locals as well as tourists and get great food at sensible prices.

Planning a European holiday adventure needn’t cost more than you budgeted for, if you know how to keep the cost down without compromising on your enjoyment.

5 Fantastic Destinations In Europe To Visit On A Budget

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