5 Signs that Mark Out a High-Quality Adjustable Bed

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:00am by Ella

An adjustable bed can greatly improve your quality of life as you grow older or develop mobility problems, and yet it would be wrong to say that all adjustable beds are created equal. Quality varies greatly between beds, and you’ll naturally want to pick out the best one. It can be tough to discern quality, but here are just five signs. 

  1. Handmade

An adjustable bed that hasn’t been handmade will probably be a lot cheaper than one that has, but they are unlikely to prove as reliable or comfortable. Seek out adjustable beds made by skilled craftsman – they will possess the knowledge and experience necessary to create a quality product, and the fact that such care has been taken underlines the quality of the bed as a whole.

  1. Specialty Seller

It isn’t just the bed itself that matters – you’ll also have to consider the people who are selling it. It’s true that you can find adjustable beds from most bedroom furniture providers, but it’s sensible to look to a company that specialises in furniture used to aid mobility issues. Such companies are going to be able to talk through your needs and understand exactly how best to help.

  1. Customisation

An adjustable bed that is built around your needs is going to function a lot more effectively than one made to accommodate a wide range of body shapes, weights, and mobility issues. Customisation allows designers to create a bed that matches your specifications exactly, so you’ll end up in a bed that can be adjusted around your body for superior comfort and relief.

  1. Special Features

If you suffer from swelling or discomfort in your legs, feet, or ankles, you’ll benefit from an adjustable bed that can slightly raise your lower body. If you find it extremely taxing to get out of bed, you may benefit from having grab bars installed. If you find yourself getting cold at night, heating functions are ideal. A quality adjustable bed will offer such options.

  1. Wide Range

Finally, you should be able to choose between a wide selection of designs, with multiple fabrics and leathers available to personalise your adjustable bed around your bedroom’s current décor. Remember, a good adjustable bed should look good, not just work well.