5 Ways Playing Poker Can Help You in Business (and 2 Ways It Can’t)

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:26am by Ella


Indeed, professional entrepreneurs are very often successful not only in business but in gambling too. That’s why the rule that gambling games and entrepreneurship are connected is known to everyone. Being an entrepreneur means having good analytical skills, strong psychological condition, calm attitude to failures as well as positive things, etc. The same thing can be said about playing poker or any other game, be it in a real or virtual world that offers free online casino bonus.

In simple words, the life of entrepreneurs greatly resembles the life of poker players. That’s why there are so many similar points in these two industries.



Benefits of poker in business

  • Risk estimation – no matter whether you play poker or discuss contract changes with directors during a meeting – you always have to think of possible loss and gain. To avoid possible mistakes – use math and intuition. Smart players/ entrepreneurs take risk only if they know that everything is in their favour;
  • Either guess or play professionally – poker can’t be compared with such gambling games as, for instance, roulette, or slots with bonuses, where it is a matter of luck whether you win or not. Read more about online casino bonus at uk.vogueplay.com to find out interesting and useful information. Poker is a hard game but at least there is a chance to leave the game without a loss. Only the smartest players win worldwide tournaments and only the best startups keep growing and flourishing;
  • Stay calm no matter what – business and poker always deal with lots of stress and pressure. Therefore, in order to be successful, it is important to learn endurance;
  • Motivate & inspire people – when one creates a business, he/she has a certain vision of its development and further achievements. Hence, to receive positive outcomes, one should communicate with employees inspiring them. It is hard and requires some psychological knowledge but if you really wish to help people, succeed, and you put all efforts into it, then everything will 100% work out. Just try to understand people by watching their emotions, attitudes, etc and you will understand the right approach to them. The same thing is about people sitting at the same poker table;
  • Sell, sell, sell – when playing poker it is all about selling. One should foresee what other players want, what they are getting ready to, what they wish to hear, etc. It is like a brain exercise that doesn’t stop for a couple of hours. Coming back to entrepreneurs, they also deal with multiple things at the same time starting from important negotiations and finishing with co-workers’ issues;


Cons of poker in business

  • Lie – the biggest disadvantage of poker is that players have to lie to win. Whereas for business these tactics doesn’t work;
  • No mutual cooperation – when people play poker, there is always only one winner. Looking at businesses, one understands that mutual help or even cooperation can bring positive results to both parties. If you wish to succeed in business, then cooperate with people. If you want to be the only winner, then it would be better if you play poker or any other game that brings you pleasure and profit.