5 Ways to Stay Safer on Discord

Posted on Nov 2 2021 - 11:46am by Ella

Discord is one of the newest messaging apps sweeping the world right now. With over 300 million registered users in 2020, Discord is a new way to enjoy spending time with friends and making new ones. It is not just a social media platform, there are other ways you can make full utilization of the platform. For instance, if you have an NFT project in mind, you can use Discord to amplify your sales using NFT Mint Discord Bot as well! There are communities that are based on your individual interests and joining those servers could help you gather information and, make new friends! However, as with any other messaging app or social media app, it’s important to stay safe. Here are five ways you can be safer when you’re messaging on Discord.

1. Learn More How Discord Works

First and foremost, you’ll want to know more about how Discord works if you’re going to stay safe on it. Discord allows you to either talk to people on-on-one in direct messages or to talk to people in servers big and small, where hundreds or even thousands of people can get together and talk. When you join a server, you can allow people from that server to talk to you directly, or you can require that they send you a friend request.

2. Utilize the Built-In Security Settings

Discord understands how important security is for its users, and that’s why it offers a number of different security settings. Just check under “Privacy & Safety” in the settings section. You can have Discord automatically scan direct messages for explicit media content, decide who can add you as a friend and how, and determine how Discord can use your data.

3. Be Careful What Servers You’re In

As a user, you self-determine what servers you’re in. That means it’s important for you to make sure you’re only in servers that are safe. Every time you join a server, check to see whether they have a list of rules to follow. If things start getting out of hand you can contact a moderator or just leave a server, depending on what works best for you.

4. Pay Attention to Discord Updates

There are regular Discord updates coming out all the time. Some of these updates include privacy and security changes, which might be a useful way to continue to protect yourself as you use Discord. Make sure you’re always paying attention to what Discord is saying about privacy and security on the Discord website and update logs.

5. Be Smart About Meeting People

Many people meet friends online that they end up meeting in real life and forming lasting connections with. However, it can also be dangerous to meet people you’ve never met in person. Before you meet up with someone, you should make sure you’ve known them for a while, you’ve video chatted with them before, and you’ve done some research on them. That way, you’ll be more certain that your Discord friends are really your friends.


Staying safe on Discord is just like staying safe on any other social media site or messaging app. It’s important to be careful on Discord just like on any other website, and these five tips can help you do just that. If you’re looking to stay as safe as possible, these tips will help on Discord and beyond.