5 Year Old Birthday – What Food Can Be Served?

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:25am by Ella

Now it’s a party time for your five-year-old kid and he is well aware of how important is the day. The situation is completely changed and not like his previous birthday at all. Now he knows what his friends do and what he will also like to have demands! You know from your five-year-old. Be prepared to fulfill them as you would not like to disappoint him on his special day. For food, you can have Catering hire London alternative and that is the best if you have a budget. If you don’t have then you need to organize food at your home by yourself and for that, you require awesome ideas to make your child happy.


Choice of awesome cake will do half of the work

There are various alternatives available in the market and online as well. You can select one that is ready made or else design your own and render the same to a shop but in advance. You should remember that for preparing the particular cake of your choice needs some time. You have to take care of the size of cake since it should not be more either less for kids that are going to attend the party. Remember, you must hand out only a small part of cake as it is gratifying and rest of your food items can be a waste.

Refreshments are a must

It is a party of your kid but that doesn’t mean you won’t pay attention like you do in an elder’s party. Snacks are a must to serve and there are lots of options accessible. Muffins, chips, cold drinks, pies, etc. are a few to name there are numerous others as well. Fruit stick can also be a good option in snacks and you can decide fruit according to your convenience. Crispy fries or salad will also work. Homemade chocolates, if possible will be a plus. Only a piece will be more than enough as snacks since you are going to furnish more things. Cupcakes if easy to arrange can be best alternative and don’t need many options with it. If you are prepared to clean the mess then you can opt for popcorn as well.

Main food

In a kid’s party, you cannot serve proper food items and some heavy munchies will solve your purpose. You can go for pizza, burger, sandwiches, pastry and patties etc. You can choose one or two of them. The kids already had enough of snacks so they won’t be able to eat much that does why to choose accordingly. If kids will enjoy your food then your party will be rocking.

Decoration, invitation via cards; balloons etc. are a must and cannot be avoided in any case. If you are planning to through your kid’s party at your house then disposable crockery will solve you purpose as there will not be so much of mess up to handle later. Catering hire London can be a selection if you can afford.