6 Steps to Creating an Outdoor Family Room

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:27am by Ella

Do you have trouble getting the family together? Feeling like everyone is disjointed and interested in their own lives? Enjoy valuable family time by creating an outdoor family room. There is no better way to enjoy the seasons from the comfort of your own home than with the ones you love in an outdoor living space. Don’t be overwhelmed by the variety of options available to you; included here are the primary necessities needed to create your very own outdoor living space.

Install a Patio or Deck

A space for the family to sit together is crucial to creating a great living environment. Consider installing a stone patio or a composite deck. These additions will allow you to integrate a living space that is conducive to conversation and card playing. For further involvement with the home, consider installing a sliding glass door or French doors to offer flow into the house.


Add Comfortable Furniture

Cozy seating arrangements encourage lingering conversations; your family is more likely to remain united if they are comfortable outside. Purchase outdoor furniture that holds up well to the elements but offers soft pillows and ergonomic design.

Cook Together

Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. While you may not need to go the full monty with a sink and gas grill, it is important to have space to cook food; this could mean anything from a fire pit to a full propane grill set-up. Plus, nowadays, getting hold of the propane gas needed to fuel outdoor cooking equipment is so simple. Thanks to propane suppliers like Nelson Propane, purchasing propane gas has never been easier. Furthermore, barbecuing hot dogs and smores allows for fun family time together while you work on a set objective.

Integrate Lighting Ambiance

Fumbling around in the dark for your drink or losing track of which card you were playing is never fun. Make sure your outdoor family room is complete with beautiful lighting to increase the comfort level and insurance of late night family time. Make the lighting bright enough that game playing is possible, but not so bright that the stars are unviewable.


Grow Something Together

One of the most beautiful aspects of parenting is introducing your children to new things and ideas. The concept of gardening is frequently lost in busy modern society but can be brought back within your family. Consider growing a small garden, or even just a sunflower hedge, near your outdoor family space. Your children will enjoy watching their efforts pay off and it will be something to talk about during family time.

Relax With a Water Feature

The peaceful sound of trickling water is sure to lull your entire family into a more tranquil state in the evening. Take advantage of this natural sedative by installing a fountain in your family space. A simple self-contained water fountain in a pot can be sufficient, or you could go so far as to install a small flowing creek offering your family an opportunity to cool their heels.