7 Easy DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:02am by Ella

Nothing will replace the tradition of stringing lights along eaves and in trees when Christmas comes to town. Sometimes, though, you’re ready to do something a little different for your yearly Christmas decorations. With a little DIY ingenuity, you’ll have your front yard sparkling with decor that sets you apart from the neighbors and won’t take you long at all to put up.

Dress Up Your Trees

Consider the trees in your front yard as extensions of your Christmas tree—even if they aren’t conifers. Get a few sets of extra-large ornaments in your favorite Christmas or winter colors and hang them from the branches. Don’t invest too much because they’re going to get snowed on. Though a layer of snow will make the decor even prettier.

Hang Wreaths


Image via Flickr by Joe Shlabotnik

If you have time for nothing else, hang a wreath on your front door, and a few smaller wreaths in your downstairs windows. This shows your Christmas cheer and festivity with very little effort on your part.

Put Garland on Your Railings

If you have a gate, a wrought iron fence, or railings around your porch, wrap them with garland. This looks pretty with or without string lights. Get the plastic kind that looks like pine needles if the area will be relatively protected, like your porch railing, or go for the beaded sort if it’ll be exposed to the elements.

Use Net Lights

Net lights are great because they take the hassle out of stringing lights all over the place. To make your net lights look beautiful, make sure you have a net big enough to cover your hedges or bushes. When net lights are sized correctly they look amazing. Christmas Lights Etc has some great tips for decorating with net lights.

Place Candles in Jars


Image via Flickr by devilelephant

If you have a porch, front steps, or a front stoop, get a few small candles and place them inside mason jars. You’ll have to light them every night, and replace the candles once they burn out, but this is easier than cutting holes in milk jugs, and much less dangerous than putting candles in paper bags.

Light Up Wooden Sculptures

You can buy (or make) flat wooden cut-outs in Christmas shapes, like trees, angles, and snowmen, and place them in your yard. Then set up a light behind it, angled up, for a cool back-lit effect.

Instead of Icicles, Hang Stars


Image via Flickr by Shyn Darkly

Icicle lights are a staple of outdoor Christmas decorations, but if you’d like to do something different, hang Moravian stars instead. You can get 3D versions that plug in and light up, spangling your front yard in festivity.

Spending time outside in the December chill to hang Christmas decorations is worth it when you step back and see your house all lit up. Whether you go the simple route and decorate sparingly or become the most festive house on your block, use these DIY ideas to add something new.