8 Ways to Make Your Garden Look Chic on the Cheap

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:24am by Ella

Improving your garden doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. You can make your garden look 10 times better, and even make it more functional by using these 8 techniques. Try them and see just how chic your garden can be for yourself!

Add Water

Water features add style to a garden and an element of tranquility. The great thing about these is that you don’t need to pay extra for them. You could create your own water feature out of old bowls! There are plenty of tutorials online.

If you are attracted by water bodies like ponds, then you can try replicating them in your garden. All you need to do is mark out the pond shape that you want and start digging out the turf. Once you are done with this, check the pond level and add a liner or underlay. After this, add water into your newly constructed pond. If you want, you can also decorate it with a floating pond island, gravels, and pond spitters. Remember that no garden should be without some kind of water body.

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Add Lighting

Lighting is great to have in the garden, as it makes it accessible all-day long. You can pick whatever kind of lighting you like, to give you as much or as little as you need. You could have solar powered spotlights, or even just fairy lights for ambiance.

Add Comfortable Seating

Adding comfortable seating to your garden can make it more inviting to your visitors. It’s always nice to take a seat in the garden in summertime and chat with friends and family over a cool drink. Patio Living Perth’s decking would be an even better addition, but it depends on your budget. You could try installing your own decking, but there’s a lot to think about and you don’t want to make any serious mistakes. I like to create an outdoor living area just like I would indoors.

Choose Your Flowers Carefully

Choose your flowers carefully to make sure the colors give off the feeling you want. Thinking of a color scheme before you start planting will make your garden look more professional and pulled together. There are apps and things out there that can give you great advice when it comes to growing flowers, so don’t hesitate to download them.

Manage Shrubs and Trees

You may already have shrubs and trees, but you need to manage them properly. Try to make sure your shrubs and trees complement one another nicely for the best result.

Make it Inviting for Wildlife

You can make your garden inviting to wildlife by using a few different techniques. Water features will attract birds, and colorful flowers will attract butterflies and bees.

The more wildlife your garden attracts, the more lively and full of personality it will look. Interestingly, high quality pond liners can be purchased if you don’t already have one installed, this will allow you to have various types of fish.

Make Your Own Table

Instead of buying an expensive table, you can make your own. It probably isn’t as hard as you think it is!

Give Your Lawn a Manicure

Mowing your lawn is one of the easiest ways you can tidy up the look of your garden. Don’t let your lawn be the entire garden’s downfall! You should also get rid of weeds and any clutter to keep your garden looking fresh. I like to use a fertilizer to keep the grass looking greener on my side too!

I hope you find these tips useful. Leave a comment with your thoughts. See you next time!