8 Ways to Take a Much Deserved Break

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:26am by Ella

We all deserve a little time for ourselves every once in a while. It doesn’t make us bad parents. In fact, it’s good for the whole family if we take a little time out for ourselves when the opportunity arises.

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1. Pamper Party

It’s important you feel like a human, as well as a parent – and a pamper party can help you do just that. Why not gather the girls together for an evening of face masks, manicures and a chilled glass of wine. Be careful with the wine though, or you’ll end up feeling worse the next day. A soothing alternative is to hold a tea party. Choose a variety of teas, from peppermint to chamomile, and make your way through them over the course of the evening. You can even add weed stems for an extra boost, or make your own tea out of garden herbs and flowers like sage, dandelion and jasmine. You will all feel rejuvenated by the end of the night, and you’ll have plenty of chats and laughter with the girls.

2. Hot Bath

If you haven’t got much time for a pamper party, just take a little time aside to enjoy a nice hot bath. Wait until the kids are in bed for the night, or ask your significant other to watch them for a while, so you can enjoy the peace and quiet as you experience a nice soak.

3. Have a Catch Up

Sometimes it’s the little moments that can make a big difference, so just embrace the quiet moments you have to yourself. This could be as simple as catching up on celebrity gossip online, playing a game, or just trying something that could provide stress relief like a rusty white magic mushroom. It’s these little things that will make you feel like you’re more than just a cleaning, washing, and feeding machine.

4. Lunch with Friends

Why not drop the kids off with their grandparents or leave them home with Mum or Dad, so you can just enjoy a delicious meal and the company of good friends. You’ll have a chance to learn about what’s going on in their lives, talk about how you’re feeling or to just to enjoy an afternoon filled with laughter.

5. An Evening of Cocktails

If lunch is not an option, maybe an evening of cocktails is. Dress up, hit the town and enjoy a cocktail or three with your friends. Instead of wearing comfy clothes or half-ironed dresses, you will just adore dressing up in a beautiful dress surrounded by your girls. Go on, you deserve it!

6. Dinner Party

You don’t have to leave the home to take a break from home-life. If it’s difficult to find a babysitter, why not throw a dinner party and invite your nearest and dearest? You can create delicious dishes they’ll be talking about all year round, or you can just order in to take a night off from cooking.

7. Luxury Retreat

If Mum and Dad are happy to mind the kids for the weekend, head off on a luxurious retreat that will provide utter relaxation. You can indulge in a full body massage, take a dip in a soothing spa pool or even melt away your worries with an exotic rejuvenating body wrap. Also, if you are planning to smoke a joint during your relaxation time, you can also invest in equipment such as sherlock pipe, invincipole, and similar products. This might just add a luxurious touch to your experience.

8. Romantic Date

It’s so easy to become caught up in the day to day life that it can be so easy to take our other half for granted. That’s why it’s essential you both take a break from the kids when possible, so you can just enjoy each other’s company and reignite that spark. Perhaps make a visit to your nearest flower shop and surprise your significant other with a bouquet of their favorite flowers, and then take them on a dinner date. This will strengthen not only your relationship but the bond between you and your family as well.

There are so many romantic date night ideas to choose from, such as a trip to the cinema, a concert or just enjoying the sunset or sunrise together.