A Place for Good Deeds: 7 Less-Known Charities That Are in Dire Need of Your Support

Posted on May 21 2019 - 4:59am by Ella

Turning on the news today can be a depressing activity. The media seems to focus on the negative aspects of the world instead of anything good. But you know that there are great things going on across the earth, and wonderful people doing them.

Sometimes those people are lesser known, although their causes are good ones. Charities abound to help those less fortunate. The people running those organizations are often in need of support because people don’t hear about their causes the way they do the larger charities.

Here are 7 charities that are in dire need of your support to continue helping those in need.

7 Lesser-Known (But Just as Important!) Charities 

  1. The Acadia Center – All about clean energy, the Acadia Center, located in Maine, is a nonprofit research organization that advocates for and finds ways to advance clean energy and the climate policy.
  1. Soaring Eagle – Located primarily in Montana in the Tongue River Valley, this charity is a nonprofit that has worked for years to continue the traditions of the Northern Cheyenne Elders into current and future generations. With their work, they have been able to provide an assisted living facility for elders to allow them to stay in their community. You can help continue these traditions for generations by calling Soaring Eagle.
  1. Pediatric Cancer Foundation – This charity helps to fund doctors and researchers to treat children and collaborate and create treatments to help children fighting cancer.
  1. The Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW) – Although it is worldwide, it is still not widely known for the work it does. ELAW works to provide training and resources to lawyers and scientists that will help them to use the law to protect the environment.
  1. Alpha House of Tampa – While this is a Florida charity, it provides services to all pregnant women who are in crisis. Women and their families are given maternity education and counseling as well as access to prenatal care. They are taught how to provide basic parenting skills and life-skills. If necessary, they are given housing during their pregnancy and transitional housing after birth. They are also given vocational training that can help them find work once they have their baby.
  1. NF Family Foundation – A charity that supports the education and understanding of neurofibromatosis (NF), this foundation provides family support to those who suffer from this disease. NF is a disease that causes tumors to grow in the nervous system, causing severe and often life-threatening medical issues. This charity helps support families with medical care, groceries, and other financial assistance as they deal with the disease’s progression.
  1. Better Basics – This organization, offering services to schools in Birmingham, Alabama and the surrounding districts, focuses on advancing literacy to children. With programs designed to enhance enrichment and interventions. Better Basics gives away books and works with schools to help children become better educated.

All of these charities and more are developed for altruistic, good causes. If you can’t donate, spreading the word to get their names out for those who can is an excellent way to help. Every penny helps make a difference to a reputable cause.