About Us

Hello. hello, hello!

happy  family

The grown ups are looking the right way, but the kids never do!

Ella here! I’m a 32 year old mother of 2, a wife, a teacher, sporadic gym-goer, wannabe marathon runner, part-time cyclist, full-time cleaner (or so it feels!), Grey’s Anatomy lover, avid reader, Mario-Karts champion and Childline volunteer.

To sum me up, I’m a TRIER, as in, I TRY to do as many things as I can to keep my life interesting and fulfilled (yuck, but true) but, as most parents know, when you’ve got kids, work and a home to juggle, best laid plans of mice and men often go awry! (Also hoping my GCSE class remembered that quote in the summer exam – guess we’ll find out in August!)

My blog is going to be my Space – not the obsolete social networking site popular in the noughties before the explosion into everyone’s lives of Facebook, but my space, to write about what I want, when I want – my space to rant about what infuriates me about my husband, baffles me about my kids, irritates me at work, and makes me laugh out loud anywhere.

I should probably introduce the rest of my family so you know who I’m writing about – if you stick around on my blog long enough to care. I hope you do!

Colin – the husband

loving couple celebrating Christmas at home

Colin’s cardigan was a Xmas present from his mother…enough said.

Colin and I met 9 years ago and, unlike the many great romances found on the pages of Shakespearean dramas and Jane Austen’s prose, our relationship was founded on a basis of mutual, drunken attraction, witty, drunken jokes and embarrassingly dreadful, drunken dance moves.

Since recovering from our hangovers the following day, we’ve never looked back, as we found our sober-selves liked each other too.

Colin’s an accountant of the chartered variety – whatever that means ;o) To me, it means he’s good with numbers and makes sure the bills are paid on time and we have enough money each month to keep me in Cadbury’s Giant Chocolate Buttons on an almost daily basis.

Lily (age 6) – my first born

happy child in jacket on slide

Such a bloody cutie!

Whoever invented the word why has a hell of a lot to answer for. Yes, Lily is at That Stage, the one where everything that comes out of her mouth is, if not a question, definitely leading to one, and whatever your tell her is always followed with why? 

As well as the cliches (why is the sky blue? Where does rain come from? Can we have a dog?), Colin and I have also had to experience, Why is the lady at the swimming pool so fat? Why is that lady letting her son throw stones at the ducks? Why is that dog pooing on the park?

Oh yes, we’ve had them all – loud and clear!

It’s a bloody good job she’s so darn cute!

Esme (7 months) – the newest addition to our family


Not at all impressed with the swings.

I worried when I was carrying Esme I wouldn’t love a second child as much as my first but, luckily for her, that wasn’t the case. She’s a cutie too and, unlike her sister, slept through the night pretty much from 8 weeks, so technically I guess I should love her more considering it took harrowing months with Lily!

There’s not much to say about Esme. She sleeps, she cries, she stares at you, she burps, she poos and she grabs things. All in her adoringly endearing way, of course.

So That’s Us!

family pic


Hope you enjoy our blog. I doubt it will be massively different from the thousands of parenting blogs already out there, but I do promise to try my very best to write interesting, funny and informative posts as much as possible!