Achieve A Stylish And Toddler-Friendly Living Room With These Awesome Ideas

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:00am by Ella

Just because we have little ones to take care of, that doesn’t mean that our love of decor goes out the window. Am I right, ladies? If we were decor-obsessed before, now that we have kids, we are even more crazy about how our homes look.


I love to daydream about re-doing my living room on a daily basis, using all the ideas that I have saved from Pinterest. But as a mom, my day is often spent dealing with other things – I won’t bore you with the details, so I seem never to get around to decorating my living room.


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Just like most toddlers, mine is into everything and causes mess in places you couldn’t dream of. This got me thinking; surely there is a way that I could create a stylish, but also toddler-friendly living room? That’s when I came up with the following ideas:


Everything should be easy to clean


When it comes to creating a toddler-friendly living room, the first thing that I realized was that everything needed to be easy to clean. From the flooring and soft furnishings to the walls and decor, everything needs to be easy to clean.


Kids make a mess; that’s a fact of life that us moms have got use to. So if we want a living room that stays looking good for longer than a few minutes, we know that every surface in there must be quick and easy to clean.  


You have two choices of paint


With the fact that everything needs to be super easy to clean, it’s important that you pick your paint carefully. When I looked into the best types of paint to choose, I found that us moms have two choices; chalkboard paint and wipeable paint.


If your toddler likes drawing on the wall, chalkboard paint is a good option. Once they have finished drawing, providing that they use chalk, you can simply wipe the wall clean. If your toddler is prone to putting sticky handprints everywhere, then the best option for you is wipeable paint.


In terms of style, both these types of paints come in various colors. So no matter what color scheme you want to go with, you are covered. Don’t rush into this decision, take your time to think about the type of vibe you want to create, and then choose your color scheme.


Take your time choosing your soft furnishings


When it comes to choosing your soft furnishing for your living room, what you need to do is think about style, as well as functionality. There is no reason that you can’t have a stylish sofa, such as one of the Multiyork sofas, just as long as it’s easy to clean. Don’t let being a mom prevent you from creating a stylish space because it doesn’t have to.


For curtains, cushions, throws, and rugs, the same applies. Choose items that are stylish, work well with the color scheme of the room, but are also easy to clean.


Don’t choose carpet


Yes, carpet might be ideal if your little one is learning to walk and falls over a lot, but in terms of functionality, it’s not a good choice. Kids make a mess – they spill juice, rub food into the floor, need I go on, so carpet is a nightmare.


Your best option when it comes to choosing a child-friendly type of flooring is lino or laminate. Avoid tile flooring, as although it is easy to clean, if your little one bumps their head, they could hurt themselves.


Keep wall art up high


Many moms avoid having any form of art in their homes, as kids can easily destroy it. But this doesn’t have to be the case, as long as you display it up high, you have nothing to worry about.


It might seem impossible at times, but believe it or not, by following these tips, you can create a beautiful living room.