Are your kids starting school again? Top 10 things to prepare

Posted on Sep 24 2021 - 3:11pm by Ella

With the change in seasons, there is more than a turn from summer colors to fall foliage, there is also the changing of routines, with kids starting school again. Say goodbye to the dog days of summer, and hello to keeping everyone on track and following their schedules. Getting your home organized is a great way to ensure efficiency for everyone. An added bonus is that If you are thinking about selling your house in the fall – and agents across the board say autumn is an ideal time to sell a house – keeping everything organized will also mean that your home is showtime ready. Here are 10 areas to focus on to prepare not only for ‘Back to School,’ but maybe even getting that ‘For Sale’ sign-up in the future.

  1. Declutter and Get Rid of Rubbish

While people talk about spring cleaning, there’s no need to wait. Fall is the time to go through everything to make sure you have room for school essentials like textbooks, notebooks, and electronic devices. It might seem overwhelming to think about decluttering, but starting small, from room to room. This can be the ticket to success. Closets are likely the most in need of decluttering, but even here, there is no reason to get bogged down. Working with the Marie Kondo technique of only holding on to that which “sparks joy” and working with one category at a time (such as T-shirts), can get you through your closet in no time. Sort through all the belongings and decide on the ones that can stay at your home and the ones that should be discarded. Pack the latter and ask your rubbish removal brighton company to collect the trash. Once the junk gets hauled away, you would find a lot of space to keep the new school essentials in an organized manner.

  1. Assess new organizational areas

Even after you’ve decluttered, open space can be a magnet for more clutter. Organization, and adding new organization, is key. Assess what you need to store and where you have room for it, and then buy crates or drawers that can help everyone find their essentials.

  1. Reorganize closets and drawers

Just after decluttering is the ideal time to start getting closets and drawers in order too. Morning routines will seem more effortless if everyone knows where their go-to shoes and outfits are. You might need to add drawer dividers, shoe cubbies, or more hangers to your list, and for kids, make sure that they can reach everything for easier access.

  1. Add shelves and bookcases

While it might seem counterintuitive to add more furniture if you want to declutter, like other organizational items, shelves and bookcases will mean that school books are easy to find. Built-in bookcases and shelves will also be a plus when you decide it’s time to sell your home, especially with the increased demand for home offices.

  1. Create a homework station

Your kids will be more focused on their homework with a dedicated area for reading and writing. It could be in their bedrooms, or a work nook in a living or dining room, but what’s crucial is that it’s free from distractions – like television or phones.

  1. Come up with a system

Everyday items like backpacks, keys, and lunchboxes need quick and easy access. With a system for storing these items, maybe even by the front door, you’ll avoid hectic morning searches.

  1. Check necessary home repairs

The last situation you want is to come home after a long day of working and picking up the kids to see your sink was leaking all day, or the air conditioner went out. You may need to hire a professional from Brooks Heating and Air (click on for more information) or another similar company to assist with the AC repair. All of these repairs must be completed while the children are at school so that they do not ruin what is currently being repaired. Spending a weekend checking the status of key areas of your home and getting people like Valley Service out to do any necessary repairs can help you avoid having to take care of these problems when you have less free time.

  1. Make a plan for gardening

Like other home repair essentials, gardening may not be high on your list once you get into the full swing of fall. If you aren’t prepared to rake leaves or trim back shrubs yourself, have a gardener come in, even for a day, to get your home ready for the change in seasons, so you don’t have to.

  1. Paint

Walls go into overdrive in the fall, especially with everyone rushing around to get where they need to go, and hanging up school awards. A fresh coat of paint is a nice way to start the year, and future homeowners will appreciate it too.

  1. Add indoor greenery

Maybe even more important than any of the other tips is to stay relaxed. Creating an indoor sanctuary with plants, candles, or an essential oil diffuser, can help you take a moment of pause when you most need it.

Fall is a great time to get started on these tips, but they can also help you stay on track with any new beginning.