Back To School Essentials For Your Precious Ones

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:25am by Ella

It’s an overdue relief for you; it’s the end of an age for them. The school break is officially over and the school term will be starting soon. In the rush of getting your child back to the routine of waking up early, eating the right breakfast, and getting ready to go to school on time, we might be missing on some items on our back-to-school checklist. Thankfully, we’re here to remind you of some of the back-to-school essentials your rambunctious tyke will definitely need.

School Bag

The little one needs room for his or her lunchbox, homework, water bottle, and school books with room to spare. As much as your kid would wheedle you for a newly released bag with the design of their latest ‘most favouritest’ cartoon emblazoned in the front, try as best as you can to keep the boldness to a minimum. That way you can make sure that your purchase will hopefully last at least until the next school year and not just for three weeks.


Pencil Case

In absence of the pencil case, expect art materials and pens to just settle at the bottom of your child’s school bag at the end of every school day. This will inevitably lead to hard-to-remove stains and ink blots that will have you wasting the better part of an afternoon just to get out of the fabric. With a pencil case handy, all that mess will be contained in a single item that you can wash clean at best and replace with a new one at worst.

A Change of Clothes

Remember that you are dealing with small children and not grown adults here. To expect them to return from a school day with clothes in pristine condition is to tempt fate itself. Stick to the old ‘better safe than sorry’ maxim and make sure that they have an extra pair of clothes just in case they spill something on themselves or get their clothes ripped or torn through energetic play.



For those of you who have enrolled your child in an educational institution that believes in supplying children’s waterproof clothing for school, I salute you. For those of us who aren’t as inherently lucky and have not, we have to make do with the current situation and supply our tykes with their own set of rainwear. The weather can be unpredictable at times, and you never know when the galoshes need to come out.


Splurging on designer shoes is never a good move for a growing child. On the other hand, buying mass-produced footwear for dirt-cheap is not advised as well. Strike a middle ground by finding affordable quality shoes and buying around two to three pairs, in the event of them being worn down by energetic feet. Make sure that you bring your child along to fit these shoes properly to avoid any future tantrums on aching feet or shoe blisters.

And there you have it; some of our top picks for back-to-school essentials your child would absolutely need from day one! Any suggestions or feedback on the list is greatly appreciated. Make sure that your opinion is heard by commenting below.

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