How to Benefit from Reading Online Casino Reviews

Posted on Apr 16 2019 - 2:45pm by Ella

Reading online reviews of any sort has fast become somewhat of a formality, where you simply go through the motions but you’re not really expecting to get all that much valuable information. This applies to just about anything people review these days, with their content mostly aimed solely at getting you to ultimately either make a purchase or sign up to some offer. In doing so, the reviewer gets some sort of reward, whether it’s a referral bonus, commission or anything else of value which they can use to advance their web presence.

Not all Online Reviews were Made Equal!

imageAs someone who plays online casino games both for fun and to consistently make a little bit of extra money on the side (sometimes quite a lot of money, actually), I can honestly say that not all online reviews are equal. I mean sure, when someone reviews a pair of shoes they bought, they have no incentive to be completely truthful about their experience with those shoes, but in the case of someone reviewing something like an online casino, there is always an incentive for both the reviewer and the reader of the review. Yes, the reviewer may be getting a referral bonus if you go on to sign up through the link provided in their review, but so do you — well yours is a sign up bonus or a deposit bonus, perhaps even some extra credits. So if you wanted to sign up to an online casino which will offer you more than just a gaming platform — an online casino such as Mr. Green Casino – read the best review first so that you know exactly what to expect and what bonuses you’ll likely qualify for. Moreover, bonuses are not only in the form of sign-up bonuses but there is an opportunity given to the players in the form of spins, free coins, jumbo levels, and so on. Exclusive 123 Free Spins at All slots Casino, can be given a try by players to earn some quick bucks.

Making Full Use of the Incentive Factor

So what exactly does one do with the incentives they receive through completing their signup via something like a review prepared by someone who has already paved the way for you? Personally, I think I can safely say I’ve become quite the master of hedge-betting, which simply entails making use of the free credits I get to play over multiple online kasino platforms to bet big, but to bet smart at the same time. Basically if I sustain this type of approach over an extended period of time, eventually something pays off and pays off in a big way.


This strategy is best applied to pure numbers games like roulette. But if one does indeed read some online casino reviews and look at lists of top-rated casinos prepared by players, who have some experience with the platforms they’re reviewing, one finds that pure numbers games like roulette can also make for a lot of fun. For example, Swiss players can enjoy online roulette without registering by checking out this list of top sites here– Online Casino Schweiz

With the video gaming element taking the online casino world by storm, it’s no longer just about staring into a screen with a boring 2-D representation of a game. Things get really interactive, which is why I sometimes realise that I’ve spent so much time having quite a bit of fun with online casino games.