The Best Classical Music for a Wedding

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:00am by Ella

Music to accompany your wedding is tough to choose. There are several key events for your big day when you may want to use music to help the guests get in the mood. As they are arriving, you may want to help them feel welcome and relaxed by playing some music. Most brides want music to accompany them walking down the aisle. It may be you have a procession that will need a different piece of music.

Once you have sent out the wedding invites, ordered the cake, booked the venues and bought the dress, it is time to think about some of the more intricate details of your day. Hiring a string quartet for your ceremony is popular. Some musicians provide you with a list of pieces, but it may be worth you thinking about your favourite choices in advance.

We often have favourite chart pieces in mind when we think of our beloved. We remember what was playing for our first date or for our favourite night out. Pop music is ideal for a wedding reception to dance and sing along to. You may be thinking of something classical for the ceremony itself.

6909092551_f822871f29_zString Quartet picture courtesy of Flickr

Here are our top 5 pieces of music arranged for string quartet:

Elgar’s Salut d’Amour – This is such a romantic piece, and is great to welcome guests into the ceremony. It is said that it was written for Elgar’s own fiancee as an accompaniment for his proposal of marriage. It was composed for violin and piano, but is a firm favourite for string quartets today.

Faure’s Pavane – The Pavane is an enormously popular piece in its own right but makes a lovely soundtrack for your big day. It builds up in anticipation and excitement while still retaining its serenity throughout. The Pavane has been arranged for all kinds of ensembles, including Recorder Orchestra! Originally a piece for piano, string quartets can bring a wonderful romantic quality to the score.

Pachelbel’s Canon – This tops the list of popular pieces for the bride to walk down the aisle. There is plenty of it for the whole procession to make it down to the celebrant if you were keen enough. It starts delicately, then gradually brings in more texture and movement. Be wary of this one though – ask for a performance from the quartet first, because the Cello part in this arrangement is very hard!

Debussy’s Clair de lune – An incredibly romantic piece that fits well for a string quartet and is almost guaranteed to bring some tears! There are some moments that interrupt the rhythm of walking, so it is best to pick a softer section for the bride to make it down the aisle. This one is perfect for shorter aisles, like those at civil ceremonies.

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Allegro (Spring) – With it’s upbeat tempo and lots of exciting twiddles, you and your guests will have even more reason to smile during the Recessional. As you all leave the ceremony and head outside, there is plenty from Vivaldi to really put a Spring in your step!