The Best Cleaning Mantra: ‘Less is More’

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:26am by Ella
closet items

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Eeeek … Eeek… Eeek… the closets are calling! You know exactly why. Slowly, you open them …. Boom! You see stuff and more stuff. Where did they come from? Well, they are things you bought and used only once; stuff you bought and planned to use soon; clothes you fit in twenty years ago; toys played by your now grown-up kids when they were toddlers! So many things! So little space! Well, there is only one solution … GET RID OF THEM! Clean your home once and for all. 

January is the best time to do the cleaning. It’s a new year and a lot of people feel excited with new beginnings! So, how do you get rid of stuff? Let me give you three simple, but effective ideas.


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  1. Donate them! Do you really need 25 bags? Or 100 plates? Here is a secret; if you didn’t use that bag or shirt or plate or something else in the last six months, there is a huge chance you will never use them at all. Why keep them? Remember the mantra? Less is more. The less you have, the more space you will get. The lesser things to fix, the more ‘me’ time you will get! So, if you are not using it, give it to your favorite charity organization or give it to your relatives or friends.
  2. Sell them! Want some fun while earning some fast cash? I’ve got two words for you: garage sale. Invite your friends and neighbors. Make it a small event. Provide some cookies and lemonade for those who will drop by. Why? Simple. The longer they stay the bigger the chance they will buy more items! Strategy at its finest! Here is another idea! Make it a 2-day garage sale! Go check all your wardrobes today and start putting price tags on things you don’t really need – but make sure your price isn’t too high. Keep the goal in mind – to clear out your home!
  3. Pawn them! How about valuable items like jewelries? Obviously, if they have some sentimental value you shouldn’t get rid of them. If you simply bought them and they don’t appeal to you anymore, then the next best thing is to sell or pawn them. Scout local pawnbrokers for details. I am pretty sure they will help you ‘get rid’ of jewelry you haven’t used for a long time. If you can’t part with it just yet, then simply pawn them. Pawning is depositing a valuable item for some cash. After a few weeks or months, you return their money with a little interest and you can get your jewelry back! You can pawn your jewelry items until such time you want to sell them. Get extra money for more important things.


That’s it! Clearing out your home does not have to be stressful. If you have too many items, then use the three ingredients given – Donate, Sell or Pawn! Always keep the mantra in mind … less is more!

And, finally, before you start buying things again, ask yourself “Do I REALLY need this item?” Most often than not the answer is “Not really.”