The Best Hot Tub for the Whole Family

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:01am by Ella

Okay, so I guess I’d be justified in assuming that we’re all in agreement that the implied hot tub is one of those which are used in a spa and not a hot tub for taking a bath in. I don’t think there’s a modern day family wherein all members take a bath together, so yeah, I’m definitely talking about one of those hot tubs to relax in and enjoy each other’s company as well as your home living environment.

So what is the best hot tub which would be suitable for the whole family then?

There are quite a few things to consider, a major one of which is how often the hot tub is going to be used. For the life of me I don’t understand how something like a hot tub can make for a novelty in the lives of some people because I personally enjoy soaking in a hot tub any chance I get, but yeah, it could very well be something you want to use occasionally and so there’d be a specific type of hot tub you’d go for in that case.

My suggestion is to first go with an inflatable hot tub, even if it’s just a precursor to a more permanent, built-in outdoor hot tub. The thinking behind this is that an inflatable hot tub is portable, which will give you ample time to find the best location for it. Finding the best location for a hot tub is not a simple matter of picking out where you think it’ll go best, but rather something you have to first experience practically.

You might find that a permanently installed one is in a rather awkward spot in that it’s right in the centre of an uncomfortable cross breeze or something like that, or you might even find that it’s located in a spot that causes it to dirty rather quickly with something like leaves and other debris falling right into it.

You can always add in a permanent outdoor hot tub later on, when you have the right budget for such a job and when you’re 100% sure you’ve isolated the absolute perfect spot for it. In that case, then the inflatable hot tub can perhaps be brought out and assembled next to the permanent one when you have lots of guests over and would like them to get in on the hot tub fun.

Anyway, inflatable hot tubs these days are about as feature-rich as any hot tub you can get on the market, so there may not be a need for a permanent one after all, unless of course, you use it with such regularity that you want something that fits in a bit better with the design of your outdoor space.

Alternatively, you may want to consider hot tub holidays. There’s no denying that a hot tub is a big purchase. Wouldn’t you just hate to take the plunge and get one installed only to have the novelty wear off and have it sit unused? Experiment first and see what hot tub holidays are on offer. iknow UK offers great cottages with hot tubs, cabins with hot tubs and even hot tub lodges. They’re worth checking out, especially as they service the whole of the UK.

Otherwise what is perhaps the biggest consideration when it comes to picking out a hot tub for the whole family to enjoy is size and space. You want it to be big enough to comfortably fit the lot of you for those occasions on which everybody wants to enjoy it at the same time, while on the other hand, you don’t want it to be so big that every time just one or two family members want to enjoy it, it makes for a waste of resources filling and heating it up.