The Best Props to use in your Winter Photo Shoot

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:01am by Ella

When planning a photo shoot for the winter, it may be a great idea to look at how you can use the season in your snaps, for maximum effect. This is a great way to add a personal element to your photos too, and you could even use them to send out as holiday cards if you’re pleased with the result!

We’ve put a list together of some of our favourite ideas regarding what props to use in your winter photo shoot to help get you inspired.



Snow is the ultimate winter staple and it has such a beautiful effect when used in portraits, as well as photographs of settings and landscapes. Blow it gently from cupped hands for a playful, fun effect, lie down and make snow angels or just go for a walk in it and let the photographer snap you being natural in such a beautiful, natural setting.

Fairy lights

Fairy lights are a great tool in photography, and they can be used to create lots of different atmospheres, whether it’s romantic and sweet, or playful and fun. Opting for a professional photo using fairy lights and babies is a good idea, unless you want it to turn out like this!

A big blanket


What could be better than snuggling up against the cold with your loved ones under a big, cosy blanket? Capturing this through a photo is a lovely family photo idea that’s perfect for illustrating your closeness. It’s the perfect accessory for newborn winter photography too, as they’ll look adorable all wrapped up warm.


If it’s a cute, romantic photo that you’re after with your partner, then you definitely can’t go wrong with mistletoe – the ultimate accessory when it comes to winter or Christmas romance. You can always chat to your photographer for ways to keep it light hearted instead of cheesy, too, if that’s not really your thing.


The ideal winter scene no doubt involves heavy snow outside and a warm fire roaring inside, and the knowledge that you are able to just relax by the fire with a hot chocolate and marshmallows. Capture this beautiful moment by chatting to your photographer and seeing where you can go to get the desired snap.

Skates, toboggans or skis

If relaxing and chilling out isn’t quite your thing and you’d rather be up and active, why not utilise props from a winter sport? Ice skates, skis or toboggans make really great additions to a winter shoot and are a great way to get across your personalities, too.

Something Christmassy



‘Tis the season to be jolly, so why not fill your winter photos with Christmas joy? You could use your favourite components from Christmas in your snaps, from staples like the tree to presents, food and drink to Christmas activities like carol singing. The possibilities are endless, and you can get as creative and adventurous as you like to achieve the perfect photos!

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