Can’t Sell a House Because of Neighbours?

Posted on Apr 7 2021 - 2:34pm by Ella

In selling one’s home, it can be ultimately a stressful experience. Regardless of what process the seller pushes through, i.e., with or without a listing agent, renovation, advertising, client meetings, and the likes, it is without a doubt a situation where you have to exercise your patience.

However, even if the seller has already tried everything to make the home welcoming to potential homeowners, external factors arise in various cases. One factor to this is your neighbors, and why of all people, I am the one who became his neighbor?

Frankly speaking, potential clients will always look for a home within their means and belong to a friendly neighborhood. If you belong to one of the many sellers who belong in the population, here is some advice on dealing and selling your house without a compromising neighbor.

The Type of Neighbour

There are a lot of types of neighbors, and that should be the first agenda to figure. Identifying first what makes the neighbor a huge factor in selling the home can make a good head-start towards finding the best solution (for both parties).

If the neighbor manifests ill-mannered behavior, it is best to list ways to approach them that would not turn to a much bigger deal. On the contrary, if the problem is waste disposal or sanitary, it can be easier to resolve sanitation professionals per the municipality or town’s waste committee. Narrowing down the root of the problem is a practical initial step towards making the seller’s home a more appealing place.

Choose Your Approach

When it comes to choosing the approach, it is best to talk to their listing agent (if there is any) and discuss how the neighbor interacts. Approaching the neighbor honestly and respectfully can be the simplest thing to begin with – this way, the seller had his or her fair share of providing a solution to the problem and is not the one at fault if the neighbor persists.

In some circumstances, if the neighbor persists with his or her complained behavior, it is best to have the listing agent talk to them by themselves. It is appropriate to let a professional handle the bargaining and pleading since if the owner cannot sell the seller’s home, they do not have any commissions.

Hire a Legal Representative

If Plan A and B did not go well as expected, hiring a lawyer may be the smartest choice. However, it is best to brief the attorney about the neighbor’s way of interaction and refusal of participation when hiring one.


There are many ways to sell a home despite not having the luxury of ideal neighbors. It all depends on the amount of perseverance you have in seeking solutions to a seller’s dilemma. Confrontation such as this one benefits the seller (or the realtor) and the neighbor and its town. For more information on buying houses, contact the most accessible cash house buyers.