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Nov 04 2019
by Ella |
Comments Off on 5 Financial Challenges Faced By Today’s Single Parents

Everyone knows in their mind that being a single parent is a monumental task, but not everyone is able to truly grasp the weight of being a single parent in today’s world. There are challenges to face today that weren’t an issue ten years ago, and new challenges will always arise as time passes. If you’re interested in knowing more about what a close friend or family member faces on a daily basis, delve into some facts about the life of a single...

Sep 25 2019
by Ella |
Comments Off on 4 Signs Your Child May Have Autism

As more and more people become aware of autism due to recent media attention, the more that you may start to find yourself wondering whether your child may be affected. The good news is, if you’re curious whether your child falls in the spectrum, you’re not the only one. Milder cases of autism may be more challenging to identify; however, in some cases, you may be able to identify the signs at an early age. It’s important to note that even if you suspect...

Sep 24 2019
by Ella |
Comments Off on 4 Negative Situations that Might Escape Your Notice Concerning Family Matters

There are a few times that you should be very careful of familiarity during your lifetime. One of the most important ones is if you become too accustomed to not paying attention to your family members in specific circumstances. Maybe you see them so often that you don’t notice subtle changes that eventually lead to a significant difference.  Other times, you assume they can take care of themselves when there is something that you should be paying closer...

Sep 20 2019
by Ella |
Comments Off on How to Save Money When Traveling as a Family

If there is one thing that hinders many people from taking a family vacation, it would be the assumption that it is expensive. Yes, that is true, but this is only the case if you plan poorly. To save money and have a lot of fun, take note of our suggestions in this article. Bring Your Car to the Airport By bringing your car to the airport, you can save a lot of money for transportation, especially if you live far from your point of departure. No more expensive cab rides!...

Sep 12 2019
Comments Off on 5 Baby Registry Must-Haves

When you have a baby, it’s tradition to create a list of items you need. Whilst you can make a baby quilt yourself ( well… if you can find a suitable pattern at!), other items just have to be bought. Friends and family members then refer to a list for gifts before the birth of the baby. If you’ve never had a baby before, then you may feel overwhelmed by what you need. There are...

Aug 23 2019
by Ella |
Comments Off on 5 Ideas For Organizing The Perfect Father’s Day

Dad’s are just as worthy of being spoiled on their special day as moms are. It’s important to show your dad just how much you care on Father’s Day by showing him that you did your best to organize something special. Not sure what to do to make Father’s Day unforgettable? Here are some of the best ideas for making it a great day.  Make Him Breakfast In Bed Many dads get up early every day of the week. While you’re still...

Aug 23 2019
by Ella |
Comments Off on 5 Tips For Adopting a Family Dog

Deciding to get a family dog is a big step. A dog has the ability to fill your heart in ways that you never imagined. Along with unconditional love, endless cuddles, and unlimited kisses, however, is also a considerable amount of responsibility. Before diving in, it’s essential to make sure that you’re ready for the commitment. There are thousands of dogs left abandoned in shelters every year by families who thought they could handle it. Therefore,...

Aug 19 2019
by Ella |
Comments Off on 5 Mistakes People Make When Divorcing With Kids

Although children are resilient, divorce can affect them on a profound level. If parents aren’t careful, it can leave them feeling emotionally scarred forever.   However, by taking the right precautions and avoiding letting the divorce get too nasty, children usually adapt to the changes within a few years.   So, what’s the key to not letting divorce get too nasty and damaging for the children? Don’t let the kids fall into the middle...

Aug 13 2019
by Ella |
Comments Off on 3 Types Of Jobs Your Teen Could Have While Going To School

As many school years are starting back up, you may have a teen who’s planning on winding down their summer job in order to give their full attention back to their studies. While this could be the right choice for some teens, others teens either need to or want to continue working throughout their school year. Although not all jobs are going to be conducive for teens still going to school, there are plenty of jobs out there that could be a great match for your teen and...

May 21 2019
by Ella |
Comments Off on 3 Ways to Foster a Love of Music in Children

Learning to play an instrument seems to be a rite of passage for many children. But not every child is going to react positively after their parents sign them up to take piano lessons in West Island. With a negative mindset, playing music becomes nothing more than an aggravating chore. So how can parents avoid this misstep? It starts by fostering a love of music in the home. Here are a few ways to get kids to love music so they’ll be excited about learning an instrument. Listen...

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