Celebrating your twins first birthday on a budget.

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:00am by Ella

You’ve survived the first year of twins and you want to celebrate them turning one. However the first year of their life has left your bank balance at its worst!! All your other twin mums are coming up with wacky, exciting ways to celebrate and you are trying to get your head around your finances on celebrating two babies turning one. It’s an amazing milestone and celebrating it doesn’t have to break the bank here are a couple of ideas.


Shop about toys and presents can be so expensive and even more so for two. At one year old babies don’t show much attention or care how much their presents cost, in fact they are more excited about the packaging that it comes in. with this in mind don’t go overboard with presents. Consider buying second hand or put together a little sensory box of home-made toys.

Now that your little ones are getting older consider a clear out of their baby items clothes, toys, and nursery items can all fetch quick cash which can give you extra to put towards new things for their birthday.

Making your own decorations for a house party is a good idea if you are on a budget. Paper chains, banners and cut-outs can all be done by hand with cheaply bought craft material. Although you may want to consider hiring somewhere to hold the party as home parties are often a messy event.

Making your own food can help lower the costs, shopping in large supermarkets and buying bulk items can keep your budget on track. There are plenty of online stores like Click Marketplace, too, and you can take a look here to find great deals on food items, groceries, snacks, and anything else you might need for the party. You could also ask people who invited if they wouldn’t mind bringing a plate of food with them, that way you will have plenty of food to go around for everyone.

Dressing the twins up for their special day could be expensive as party clothes are not cheap and more so when buying twice. You might want to think about shopping about over the internet to find the best possible deal. Also remember its likely they will only wear the outfit once or twice with the rate in which they are growing so don’t go overboard.Capturing the special day is a must. It won’t be everyday your twins turn one. Hiring a photographer to do a photo shoot can be very expensive. You might want to think about staging your own at home. Get a large white sheet and put it up as a backdrop. Use some bright lamps for light effect. Place some props in the picture for example a large one number for the twins to hold. Dress them in something cool, pretty or just them in their nappy. Snap away and hey presto you have a fabulous photo shoot to cherish.

You won’t have to sell your house fast in order to finance this wonderful event. Don’t try and compete with other mums do what feels right for you and your family. This is your memories to cherish and nobody wants memories of being out of pocket on such a happy day.