How to choose a family-friendly accommodation

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:00am by Ella

A holiday with kids requires a bit of extra planning, especially when going to far away exotic places like Koh Samui in Thailand or other countries that you have never visited before. First of all, you will need a fun, clean accommodation, with family-friendly facilities where both you and the kids will have a great time. It has to be a safe haven from where to go explore the surrounding hot spots, towns and beaches. How to choose the best family-friendly accommodation?

Planning your stay

Hotels, guest houses, private villas (find more info over at, glamping tents, there are many options for accommodation everywhere in Koh Samui. With kids, the days of backpacking and ‘seeing where you will end up at the end of the day’ are definitely over. You will need to plan your stay and find accommodation with comfy rooms, a good location towards the beach and/or kid-friendly activities and a swimming pool to jump into not too far away from your beds. If you are travelling with a baby or toddler, you also need to make sure that the accommodation of your choice has a baby cot and a high chair available.

Something for everyone

Make sure the accommodation has something for everyone. No matter what age your kids are, they will love having a swimming pool nearby to jump into. While the kids are splashing, playing and sliding in the pool, parents also get a well-deserved break, finally reading that book, taking a daytime snooze by the poolside or sipping cocktails while watching those happy little faces play, run and swim around you. Also, check out what activities are there to be done in the neighbourhood. Think of a beautiful beach that is safe for swimming, snorkelling trips to go on, waterfalls to visit, outdoor playground and so on.


Not all hotels are family orientated while other may be one big kiddy playground where parents will get no break whatsoever with kids running around everywhere all day long. The up-side from a good family hotel is that they often have kids club onsite for little kids and sometimes also for teenagers. Sometimes they offer full activity programmes, making sure the kids have an awesome time, learning new things and making new friends while parents can spend quality time together. There may also be restaurants onsite serving local and western food to soothe both the big and little bellies of the family. Nice, easy and convenient!

Private villas

Another great option is to book a private family-friendly villa like these, complete with a private swimming pool in your own tropical garden under the tropical sun. Nothing more convenient than having your own ‘home away from home’ to spend true undisturbed quality time with your partner and kids. A tropical, cosy and homey luxury villa with a living and dining room as well as a modern kitchen which comes in especially handy when needing to cook up something familiar for the little ones or the difficult eaters in the family who don’t like their food to be spicy or oriental. The exclusivity and privacy you get in a private villa are priceless. On top of that, you get to enjoy personal guest assistance and they also often offer babysitting service at an affordable rate. Some villas may even have a wide range of toys and DVD’s available. Check beforehand!

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