How to Commemorate Your Daughters 21st

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:02am by Ella

The 21st birthday is a big one, which I don’t need to remind anyone reading this, as they will remember theirs. I spent mine at my own party hungover, because my uncle had force-fed me flagons of cider the night before. Your 18th is when everyone tells you your now an adult and many of the shackles of youth are lifted from you, however I guarantee it’s not until 21 that you start to believe people when they tell you you’re an adult (for man-babies like my brother, it can take until your 31 to feel like an adult). So if your daughter is turning 21 this year, why not pull out all the stops to ensure it’s a day she will never forget.


The Party

The first element of ‘Operation: BBE (best birthday ever) is the party. I would suggest getting everyone she has ever known and loved in one place for a night of food, drinking, dancing, and laughing. Surround her in those she can’t live without and it will ensure it’s one of the best nights she’s ever had. Just make sure she’s not hungover like I was! Of course, if she does have a few too many drinks, she could always consider taking a hangover shot the next morning. That would help her to feel a lot more fresh and awake.

The Gift

This is the second and most important element of ‘Operation: BBE’ and so I will take you through a few of the best options I can think of – to set the bar low, I received an engraved fountain pen…

Spa Weekend

Spa days always make excellent gifts; however that seems a bit boring for a 21st, so I would suggest a mother-daughter weekend of pampering. Find a nice exclusive spa hotel on top of a mountain somewhere and disappear for a long weekend of non-stop relaxation. If mountains aren’t your thing, then you could always find a coastal one or an inner city one so you could soak up some culture as well as expensive oils and lotions.


If you like the idea of a spa weekend, but think you could do better, then why not a flashy family holiday (or even pay her way for gals’ only holiday). You could pick somewhere really special like the Caribbean or maybe even a Mediterranean cruise. The only limit is your imagination.


This is a great idea if you want to get her something she can keep until the world implodes. There are companies like Heart in Diamond that specialise in taking ashes and hair and turning them into diamonds. So you could send off for a diamond made from the genetic material of her nearest and dearest. If you made one from the hair of you and your partner then she would have something to always remember you by as well as an heirloom to pass to her kids and so on.


Now this may seem like a good gift for a 16 year old, however now that she’s older, chances are a better driver and with the deceased insurance she’ll be enjoying, a car would make a great gift. A brand new car for her to remember her 21st, just think about how great that would be. This is an especially good gift if you didn’t get her one on her 16th, and even if you did, chances are that it was an old banger.

There you have it; my thoughts on a memorable 21st birthday for your little princess.