Common Core State Standards: Helping Teachers and Parents Give Students a Better Educational Experience

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:26am by Ella

t1As the world shifts towards new innovations and concepts, it becomes apparent that a higher demand of education is necessary for younger generations to keep up with the trends. Colleges and businesses are demanding more from students and prospective employees and as such, students must be prepared. To ensure that the majority of students are ready to succeed in the world after high school, Common Core State Standards have been introduced. These standards provide a clear and precise guide as to what students should have learned from kindergarten to their senior year in high school.

Who Created These Standards?

p1The standards were put together by a group of teachers and other experts from around the US. The standards were created with the concept of helping more students to be prepared for life after high school graduation such as entry level positions in the workforce, freshman college curriculum, and/or workforce training programs.  The main focus of the Common Core standards is to assist students with their analytical, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. While the standards are not governmentally mandated, many states have begun to implement this strategy within their curriculum. The standards have provided significant benefits to teachers in helping them better educate each student throughout the school year.

How Does This Help My Child?

Common Core offers great benefits to students of all ages, grade levels, and learning abilities.

  • More Hands-On – Many teachers have found that with the Common Core Standards, they are able to introduce more creative methods of learning. They can create hands on projects that allow students to grasp mathematical concepts a lot better than in years past when they were focusing more on drill and skill.
  • A Deeper Understanding – Common Core allows educators to focus on necessary topics that students will need in the real world. In previous years, educators were pressed for time having to teach an array of topics within a short amount of time. Now, teachers have more time to work on each topic, which gives students a better understanding of each concept as it is learned.
  • Better Prepared for Higher EducationAccording to a 2012 report by US News, states that out of 1.7 million high school students who had taken the ACT, more than a quarter of those students were not college ready. The Common Core allows students to focus on core topics that are relevant for their freshman year of college.

How Can This Help Parents?

The Common Core Standards provide many benefits and resources to parents as they help their child succeed in school.

  • Track Your Child’s Progress – Many schools have begun utilizing cutting edge common core tools such as assessment programs, which allow teachers, students, and parents to track their individual progress. Now instead of waiting for a report card, parents have up to date access to their child’s progress in school.
  • Cultivate Better Study Habits – When parents are able to see exactly where their children’s weaknesses and strengths lie, they can better assist their children at home. For example, if their child is behind in language arts or reading, they can come up with new concepts at home to help improve their literacy so that they better comprehend what they’re learning in school.
  • Easier Parent/Teacher Collaboration – Many of the assessment tools also allow parents, teachers, and students to communicate more effectively. Parents can ask questions about assignments, get advice on how to better help their child at home, and whatever else might be necessary to improve their child’s learning experience.

Common Core State Standards have provided significant benefits, resources, and supports to teachers, students, and parents. It allows educators to focus on subjects that are relevant to higher education and workforce environments which are pertinent in this evolving world we live in. It provides parents with a clear set of guidelines on how to better assist their children at home for an increased chance of their success after graduation. If your child’s school has implemented Common Core Standards, talk with their teachers to find out which assessment tools and resources are being used so that you can get a head start on helping to cultivate your child’s future.