Convert Your Garage On A Budget-It Can Be Done!

Posted on Apr 16 2019 - 2:40pm by Ella


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Is your garage serving no purpose right now? Or perhaps your teenage wants a space of his or her own away from the bustle of the family? Then why not consider drafting services in Perth to help convert your garage into a new living or working space – all on a budget.

While not high quality garage conversion is going to be dirt cheap, there are some savvy choices you can make that will help you save on costs. Best of all, you’ll be adding overall value to your home. Think of it this way, on average, converting a garage into a bedroom, additional living space or at-home office adds a good 600 square feet to the space of the house. What’s more, a garage conversion eliminates the need for a costly and length invasive home addition. And it can be done on the cheap!

There’s no right way to convert a garage into a more useable space inexpensively, but there are certainly ways for you to save at every point in your project. Take a look at these tips.

  1. The Ground Level

Usually a garage offers you a cost-friendly benefit right from the very beginning – there’s a concrete slab floor which can effortlessly accommodate floating wood flooring or carpeting. But if you are faced with the possibility of an expensive excavation of the garage floor, you could try setting lintels just below ground level to save some cash. Vinyl tiles also offer a highly affordable solution and they’re super easy to install. If you live in warmer climes, you could simply stain the existing concrete floor to create a breezy, cool floor completely with interesting visual at a low cost.

garage floor

  1. Windows and Walls

Garages are going to need some sort of insulation to make them cosy living or sleeping spaces. Architects suggest that by reducing the amount of construction that is required, a great cost-conscious option is blown-in insulation. If the garage currently has single-course brick walls, which are common in older buildings, you could build independent stud walls and mount them around about 3 inches from the existing walls. This will affordably, and rather easily, accommodate insulation as well as plaster board.

Dry walling is by far one of the most cost effective options for covering the ceiling in the garage – it’s really easy too. If you have rafters spaced at about 24 inches, choose value-priced 8 inch thick drywall.

While energy-efficient doors and windows may cost you more upfront, they’re going to save you a heap on electric bills in the long run.

  1. The Accoutrements

If you’re planning on running air conditioning in the garage conversion, ask your architect or designer to extend the houses’ existing ductwork into the garage. This is a more affordable renovation option. Another cost effective option is to use electric baseboards during installation. Keep in mind these are going to have a bigger impact on your electricity bill, though.

To reduce your cooling and heating costs, make sure the garage has at least a 1 square foot vent opening per 300 square feet of attic space – if you have an attic, of course.

If you’re converting the garage into a bedroom and want to make the room feel more spacious, use lightly coloured paints and mount a few mirrors around the room to create the illusion of space.

A Few More Things to Consider

  • As for real estate value, the new room that you turn your garage into, provided it is well constructed, can generate a first year return of as much as 78 percent of the initial cost!
  • It’s a good idea to limit your garage conversion budget to around 2.1 percent of the house’s total estimated value post-conversion in order to maximise your return.
  • If you plan the garage conversion without the need for an additional bathroom, you can also save on costs. If the garage already shares a wall with an existing bathroom, simply install a connecting door.

So you can save money converting your garage into a more usable space. Living in Australia? Simply recruit professional drafting services in Perth to make sure you get maximum savings for your budget!

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