Cool Personal Touches That Will Make Your House Feel Like Home

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:01am by Ella

3221523809_c6d28209b7_zImage via jojo nicdao

Does your house look more like a show home than a home where a family lives? Your house doesn’t need to look perfect, it needs to suit your family. When you are designing the interior of your house, you need to make sure that you add a few personal touches. Making your home feel unique to your family will mean that everybody can enjoy the space. If you feel as though your house could do with a few extra personal touches, here is some inspiration for you.

Fresh flowers

Nothing makes a house feel homely like fresh flowers. I bet you have a vase hiding in a cupboard somewhere. Get it out and start buying flowers for your home on a regular basis. Now that the winter is here, we could do with seeing a little extra greenery in our homes. Putting some beautiful winter flowers in your house will make everything feel charming. You should consider putting some flowers in the center of your dining table. Doing so makes your home feel fresh and alive.

Children’s art

When your children make art at school or home, don’t hide it away. Many parents look at their children’s art and then put it away in a drawer. You should be proud of your children and their artwork. You can frame the pieces and put them as a display in your hallway. Showing your children that you care about their work will make them feel great. When your children create new art pieces, you should commend them on doing such a great job. Some people think that children’s pictures look messy. If you frame the pictures and display them with pride, they will look fabulous.

Individual coat hangers

When you walk into your home, things should be neat and tidy. If you have loads of coats on the same hanger in your hallway, it can look bulky and messy. You could make a real difference to the way your hall looks by creating individual hangers for each family member. Let’s say there are four of you, you can put four hangers on your wall, each with a person’s name on them. That way, you can make your hall look organised.

Family portraits

Do you have family photos around your home? Getting some professional family pictures for your house will bring the rooms to life. Look for a photographer who specializes in family photo shoots. You can book a photo shoot experience day for you and your family. When you have some professional portraits, you might want to print and frame them for your wall. Getting large prints will work well if you have high ceilings. Otherwise, the portraits will look small compared to your wall space.


A cute idea for your bedroom doors is to put nameplates on them. You can get individual name plates online that will look perfect on each door in your home. You might even want to put nicknames on each plate so that your doors look individual. You can use some wood glue to stick the plates to each bedroom door in your home.

Place settings

You likely have places where each of you sits at meal times. People don’t tend to plan where they sit in the family home, but it always happens that the same people sit in the same seat each day. If that is the case, why not make things official? You can create some beautiful place settings for your table. All you need is some craft supplies and some creativity. Let your kids create their place settings so that they can have some fun with the activity. You might want to laminate the settings afterwards so that you can keep them clean.