Crazy Idea! Hiking Kilimanjaro with the Family!

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:23am by Ella

Family vacations are a way for every member of your family to spend time together and have memories that will last a lifetime. If you are lucky enough to enjoy a family vacation each and every year, you know how fun it can be to spend time with family members. To take your family vacation a step further, why not step out of your normal comfort zone and do something crazy? Many families go to the beach or travel to the mountains for a vacation, but why not do something different? One option for travel is to hike Mount Kilimanjaro. To Hike Kilimanjaro, you need a quality plan and the physical fitness to do so, but there are several trails you can choose to climb high above the mountain with your spouse and children.


You may think hiking the mountain is a crazy idea with children, but it can be done. Quality hiking companies can provide you with the information you need plus tips on how you can have fun hiking the mountain with your entire family.

Machame Route

This route is considered the best choice for a long hike along the mountain. This hike has a high success rate because it offers great acclimatization. This allows you to walk high and sleep low each day. This route takes about seven days to complete, but can be done in a six day time frame. This would be the most successful option for children as you walk slowly and have camps along the route for breaks and rest periods.

Lemosho Route

This route is the most scenic and the best way to enjoy the jungle as well as views of the mountain peaks. Cathedral and Needle are beautiful mountain peaks that can easily be enjoyed during this route. You will start to the west of Kilimanjaro and hike for 7 to 8 days to complete this trail.

Can my kids handle the hike?

hiking family

You may be asking yourself if your children can actually handle the hike along Kilimanjaro. This is something you will have to determine yourself. Children need to be fit and active and happy to camp and be outdoors for extended periods of time. You can choose to do a short hike, but any route you take will be strenuous so your child needs to be old enough to handle the physical activity as well as understand the length of the hike. Children from preteen to teens and beyond will do much better than small children especially toddlers.

Prepare for the Trip

If you dream of a family hike on Kilimanjaro, begin to train now. Visit local hiking trails and spend time hiking these trails, even camping along the way. This will give you experience with the outdoors and help you to prepare for this hike. You must also remember the altitude will be in play with a hike on Kilimanjaro and must take heed, understanding acclimation to the altitude is slow going. You want to remain in good health during the hike and enjoy yourself along the way. You could also find kilimanjaro trek companies that may assist you with arranging the trip as it takes a lot of planning before you take the leap.

To understand more about what to expect with such a hike, contact a top company that provides hiking trips on Kilimanjaro so you can begin to plan your trip. Be excited as an amazing family vacation is just around the corner!!