Creating the Perfect Kitchen

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:00am by Ella

Perhaps inspired by some specialist home channel TV shows you watch or maybe even by the interior decoration work of some people in your social and professional circles, finally knuckling down to get around to doing up your own kitchen can make for what seems like a daunting task. Either way it definitely makes for some exciting times ahead, but how exactly do you go about creating the perfect kitchen?

Here are some pointers to consider:

Granite is overrated

One of my personal favourite “homey” shows is House Hunters International and for the life of me I don’t quite get why everybody is so fascinated by granite counter tops. They’re overrated, expensive and as a result you’re pretty much stuck with one look that can age rather quickly.

Fortunately you’re probably doing up your kitchen from scratch or starting over if you’re reading this, so you won’t have the price of a new house you’d otherwise be viewing to buy inflated due to overrated granite countertops!

Going for a timeless base look

Wood is the in-thing right now and was the in-thing up until now. In fact, it will be the in-thing in the future as well. Do you know why? It’s because wood is TIMELESS!

You can’t go wrong with wooden worktops, particularly those available from Worktop Express and this is because of the sheer variety on offer.

Expressing your unique character

The thing with wood as a base is that it can be added to in all manner of different ways, whether you want it to be understated somewhat with lighter woods or indeed if you want it to dominate with the darker, deeper hues some of the more expensive varieties come in.

Ultimately what you want to achieve is a homely look which comes to the fore when the kitchen space is being used for what it’s meant to be used for, while at the same time when it’s not in use and everything is packed away where it belongs, it should look like a space you’re proud of as part of your home.

These considerations come together to express what is essentially your unique character, which by extension will influence the character of everybody else who forms part of your domestic environment.