DIY Home Activities For Your Baby

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:02am by Ella

These DIY home activities for your child are not only easy to set up, but they also promote your baby’s fine motor skills. They are appropriate for kids and vital for practicing their motor skills through sensory play.

Finger Paint

As soon as you introduce food to your baby, he/she starts exploring about art. You may allow your baby to make edible paint.

Since your baby will not be creating a masterpiece, you don’t need to buy paints. Rather, you may use fruits and vegetables of different colors to get the idea of sensory of paints. Because of the different colors and textures, it becomes a sensory play activity.

Basket Play

It’s not only fun, but it’s also useful in developing gross motor skills. This activity is especially helpful if your baby is taking tentative steps everywhere. In this play, your baby will try to get in and out of the basket while you reinforce language with him/her.

Tearing Paper

In this activity, you may set up a basket or a bin full of construction papers. Your baby can pull and crumple them. It’s also a great idea to add a few pieces of tissue paper. The construction papers should be colorful, so your baby will have fun with colors while he/she tears, pulls and crumples them.


Your baby can’t dance yet but you can. In this home activity, you may play your favorite song while you hold him/her securely to your chest. As you do that, move around together in tune to the music. This activity encourages his/her interest in music. It also strengthens your bond with him/her, which is vital for your baby’s emotional development.


You may do it if your baby has already gained good head control. If he/she has, lay your baby on his/her back. Then, place your hands under his/her arms. Teach or guide him/her to go into a sitting position. It strengthens the muscles as he/she do sit-ups while you hold your baby’s hands and bringing him/her to sit. Doing this activity regularly will help your baby’s muscle to strengthen just like in adults. As the child develops strength and balance, he/she starts to pull up faster than you’re guiding him/her.

Water Play

You may have given your child baths. However, water play outside of the tub is unique. It’s especially true if the weather is nice and warm outside. But your baby will also love water play during winter. In this game, use a glass baking pan to hold the water. It won’t easily tip over and dump. Put a small amount of water and floating bath toys. This game encourages hand-eye coordination, as well as grasping.

While your child is playing these DIY home activities, let him/her wear amber teething necklaces, which can be found at this website. They’re especially useful in suppressing pain symptoms so he/she can enjoy these activities with you and the rest of the family members. These necklaces are also helpful if your baby is cranky in a way that he/she doesn’t like to play.