How To Encourage Kids To Play Outdoors

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:01am by Ella

From a very early age, children need to develop their creativity. They need to exercise all of their muscles and use all of their senses. Their brains need to make neurological connections. By doing these things they will learn language faster and develop intelligence. They’ll begin to understand social skills and hand-eye coordination. These are all things they need to grow into a healthy adult.

Nowadays, children are too often sat in front of screens. TVs, laptops and tablets equire only a small percentage of brain capacity and exercise very few muscles. There are some excellent virtual games out there that help children to develop. However, it’s no substitution for getting the kids outside in the open. Here are a few tricks you can use to help.

Create Imaginary Games

Pull them away from virtual games and into real life games. Kids love to use their imagination and they’ll thrive with imaginary quests and stories. Their brains will develop faster if they create the story, rather than following a pre-set structure on a video game. You can give them the first concept and then let them run away with it.

Maybe you’re a pirate and they are Peter Pan. They have to chase you over the seven seas (the garden lawn). Perhaps the patio is the moon and you’ve travelled to space together. Set the scene and let them create the story. This isn’t limited to younger children, encourage your teens to sit outside with a book.

Toys and Props

No imaginary game is complete without props or toys. Keep a box of toys for the garden use only. You can have an indoor toy box too. Keep them separate so if they want to play pirates with the pirate hat, they have to go outside. For younger children have a variety of small toys they can play with. They don’t have to be complex, young children can become obsessed with any small objects as they figure out how to hold and move it around. It helps them develop their motor skills.

Outdoor TV

TVs are good in moderation. So why not have one outside rather than inside. They can watch their favourite shows, but still breathe in the outdoor air. It’ll get them more accustomed to the outdoors. If you make it a treat for the end of the day, they’ll much rather stay outside than go in. Make sure you get a weatherproof enclosure at

Take Them On Walks

Take advantage of your local area. Walk to the shops or the library with them. Don’t use the car unless you have to. Let them enjoy the outdoors, chase leaves and pigeons. Let them create games and ask questions. They won’t learn anything about nature from the back seat. Take a picnic to the park. A change of scenery will really stimulate your child as long as you keep them entertained.

Don’t be afraid of the outdoors. Kids will grow stronger and healthier the more they are exposed to it. They will develop neurological connections faster which will increase their intelligence. The outdoors is a better environment for their imagination. Encourage it, and limit the laptop and tablet time.

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