Enlightened Ways To Prepare Your Family And Home For A New Arrival

Posted on May 21 2019 - 4:59am by Ella

As our families grow, the house in which we live might not be ideal. It may have been an excellent way to get a foot on the housing ladder when you first entered the housing market, but lack the space that a growing family demands. Many people were in the same position and faced a similar dilemma in the past. How can you find the room you need to accommodate everybody? There are two main options; to extend your home or to move house.

Moving will give you everything you need if you can afford it. The location is everything, however, and the properties in a desirable area could be out of your price range. Even in the area where you live now, the cost of a house with extra bedrooms could be beyond your reach. You might find an enormous property in your range if you move abroad, but that is a bit drastic.

An extension to your home could give you the extra space that you need at an affordable price. Even if there is no spare land on which to build, there is a solution. Here are a few ideas to get your creative thoughts flowing.

A loft conversion will add several new bedrooms to the house. You may have to use the smallest room at the moment to house a staircase to the new level. It will cost about half that of a two storey extension so it is affordable. There is a massive unused space up there just waiting for you to convert and populate. Your eldest children could move up into those rooms to free up a place for a nursery. The problem is that this home improvement will not increase the size of your existing rooms.

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A two-storey extension on your home will increase its value, make some rooms bigger than they are now, and add more of them. The downside is that it costs a lot of money to build and requires planning permission before you can proceed. You will have to use the services of an architect to draw up the plans, and your home will be in disarray for a few months at least. You will find properties in Tamworth where the owner has undergone the project. Ask them for an honest opinion. The construction of an extension of your home could also require bricklaying. For the work to be done, it might be a good idea to hire a professional. For instance, you could approach a bricklaying st kilda specialist or someone similarly qualified in your area to give a new and improved style to your house.

A sunroom is a cheap alternative that will give your family room to stretch out during the daytime. They are beautiful structures that sit halfway between a single-storey extension and a conservatory. Through glass wraps them, they have a solid roof that gives them a look of permanence. The thick insulation in the roof space helps to keep the room warm in the winter when some conservatories are too difficult to heat.

Those are three popular options to help you make room for the new arrival. The bad news is that unless you are planning well in advance, it might be a bit too late to finish them in time for the birth. If the bump is on show, I advise you to get your skates on and act without delay; nobody wants to bring a new baby home to a building site. Get the hard work out of the way early. Then you can concentrate on enjoying your bundle of joy when the time comes. Enjoy the important things in life!