Ensuring Tyre Safety On A Family Road Trip

Posted on Apr 16 2019 - 2:41pm by Ella


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When heading out on the open road with the family in the car, a few safety checks should be done beforehand, like making sure you have adequate oil and water on board. However, many drivers fail to do even the simplest tyre check before a road trip. This is a mistake which can lead to problems down the road, so make sure you avoid difficulties with your trip by paying attention to this area.

Properly Inflated Tyres

On a family road trip, your car is likely to be more weighed down than usual. This is not just because there are more occupants in the car, but can be down to the fact that you have a boot full of belongings and are even towing something, like a caravan or a trailer. Adjusting your tyres’ level of pressure, as recommended in your car’s user manual, is a good idea at such times, because it has an important safety implication. Both under and over inflated tyres affect your ability to stop quickly, something that takes longer when the car weighs more – and has greater momentum, as a result. A few minutes spent inflating your tyres properly will help to keep your family safer for many miles on the road.

Check Tyre Tread

Along with tyre pressure, the tread of tyres needs to be looked at before a long journey. An easy method of checking your tyre tread is to used a twenty pence coin. Simply place the coin into the tread grooves of each of your tyre. The outer band of the coin ought to disappear from sight when it is inserted which will confirm that your tyres offer the minimum legal tread depth. You need to do this all the way around your tyres, not just in one place. If the tyre is close to the limit, you should consider replacing it before you head of on a long trip.

Replacing Tyres

Sometimes you need to replace a tyre or two when you are away from home on a road trip, perhaps because you hit a pothole or suffer a blow out. In such cases, use a national dealership. For example, you can reserve tyres online from Point S Website, so that you get the right one to match your others before heading to their local outlet on your spare tyre ready for it to be fitted when you arrive. This is often much more cost-effective than taking what happens to be available from the local garage.

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