Family Fitness Fun

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:20am by Ella

Family schedules can get hectic, and it often seems there’s not enough time in a day or week to do all the things you want to. While work, school, and other commitments have to come first, it’s important that you keep your whole family’s health a priority throughout your routine. One key way of doing this is to make sure they stay active, because activity equals fitness and fitness equals health. How you do this depends on your own family dynamics and lifestyle, so here are some samples of how you can integrate fitness into your family routine.

Join a family-friendly gym. Many facilities offer activities and classes for the whole family, so junior can play basketball while dad does his workout. Look for the entire schedule of classes and age offerings before you join so you’re sure there’s something for everyone.

Work out in the yard. Make your backyard your workout zone, and have the whole family take part in landscaping, gardening, or creating a playscape that everyone can enjoy.

Walk and hike your way to health. Walking is the perfect exercise because even a baby in a stroller or back carrier can enjoy nature’s bounty. You can start by taking the crew around the neighborhood and expand your adventures to local and state parks for a whole day of adventure!

Game it up. Kids love games, and many of the new game consoles offer fitness routines in a game-type format that even the youngest can enjoy. Whether you play for points or for personal bests, everyone can take turns getting fit.

Play ball. Get the neighborhood gang together, find a big yard or empty lot, and start your own pick-up baseball or kickball games. This is a great way to get to know your neighbors, and you can expand it into neighborhood potlucks, barbeques, and parties as the summer progresses.

Find field trips the entire family can enjoy. Museums, outdoor venues, and activity centers are all great places to find exercise-focused activities, so let your imagination run wild and try some new things. You might be surprised at what you like to do for fun and exercise!