Fascinating Crafts For Children During The School Holidays

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:00am by Ella

4465715464_7378060ce3_oJune Campbell

Half term rolls round about every six weeks or so and it is up to mum and dad to keep young children happy and busy during those breaks. That is no easy task; kids are demanding and unless you find something to stimulate them they will get bored. Believe me; you don’t want that to happen.

Luckily, there are plenty of things for them to do if you turn towards crafting for the answer. It covers a vast range of activities, and there is something for everybody. Kids love to sit and work on something creative and as long as you provide the with the space and materials, they will do the rest themselves.

You will find some superb craft ideas today that will inspire you and you children to make some fantastic products. You will have fun passing the time, and so will your children.

Make Cards

Look for material online or on the shopping channel on television. You will need card, ribbon, and many other things that you didn’t know existed. You can spend as much or as little as you like for card making materials. Find suitable adhesives at gluegunsdirect.com and many other places online. There is a product for every material.

Children usually make cards at school when a celebration approaches, but they can have fun churning them out all year round if you let them.

Make Rugs

You can buy a kit for making rugs, and it is an addictive process. You little ones will sit for many hours chatting and applying strands of wool to the mesh with a latch hook tool. Slowly the pattern or picture will start to reveal itself, and that is when they enjoy the process even more. As they chat, you might learn something about them that you didn’t know. At least it will give you an extra insight into how their mind works.


Buy a few rolls of wallpaper lining material; it is suitable for painting. I advise you to use water-based paint because oil products don’t wash out or wipe off surfaces easily. Let them do their thing with primary colors and a variety of brushes. Teach them how to mix all of the other shades themselves; there are many learning resources online to guide you.


Show them how to cut pictures or parts of images  from magazines and catalogues and make a piece of art with them. They glue the paper to the background and build up a design. The possibilities are endless and limited only by their imagination.

Make Boxes

Use card to make small boxes and lids to match. You can buy it from craft shops or online. Choose a product that has a design printed on one side. On the reverse, you must draw the shape of the box when it is open and lying flat. Remember to put all of the flaps on the correct places. The kids can cut it out, fold it, and glue it together to make a beautiful product.

There are many great books for teens online, so they will always have something to do while you are busy with the younger members of your family. Who are we kidding? Give them a games console, and they will pass their time in an imaginary world. Some say that is a bad thing, but it gives them many skills they will need to use technology in the future.

It is easy to keep your children busy during the holidays; you just have to make an effort and keep in mind that the school or nursery will open once more.