Feeling Crammy? Time to Cleanse

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:20am by Ella

It’s been a particularly tough phase, handling and dealing with so many issues without a proper break. And in the madness, you have definitely forgotten how to take care of yourself by eating on the go, eating whatever looks and smells edible, getting as little shuteye as possible, travelling for long hours and distances in the polluted city, so on and so forth. Now that the phase is through, you are finally getting a good look at yourself in the mirror and discover that you look like a train wreck. Not only has sleep deprivation robbed you of your beautiful shiny eyes, but your skin appears and feels clammy, your hair feels rough and you are all worn out and tired. Now is the time to cleanse yourself of all that you have been through with these wonderful tips.

Image courtesy of marin at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of marin at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Gentle Yoga for bringing back the inner peace

Not only does a little bit of exercise help in freeing up cramped muscles but can also be useful in relieving the mind. A few minutes of yoga exercises during the day or even Pilates or perhaps enjoying a relaxed and long dip in a pool can be useful in sweating out some of those toxins that have built up inside you during your long and difficult phase. Sure, it is important to remember that you do not work out too hard, especially if you are exercising through yoga or Pilates. As the first step towards relieving your mind and body off all the stress, stay away from strength or interval training as it can only cause you to become more dehydrated and strained. If your goal is to unwind completely and relax after the tumultuous experiences of what you have been through, light exercises is extremely helpful in loosening up and relaxing.


Get short bursts of energy boosts

You are bound to feel pretty wiped out after late nights and long days and all that you are looking forward is for someone to put that energy and life back into your veins. Give yourself a kick start and boost your energy levels by consuming the right kinds of fruits, and foods. Bananas, for example, which are particularly high in sugar, and must be eaten in regular and small quantities in order to maintain the metabolic rate. Not only do bananas help in giving you that much needed energy but it is also useful in providing you with essential potassium. Also ensure that the foods you eat now are rich in vitamin C and B vitamins, such as whole grain or wholemeal bread, sunflower seeds, spinach and tomatoes. These food groups help in providing fibre to your body and are useful in powering you up throughout the day.


Get revitalised skin

Now is the time to begin a long and pampering session to rejuvenate tired skin cells. Unmindful habits such as drinking excessively or smoking can place additional oxidative stress on the skin causing it to appear dull. You can combat such a scenario by exfoliating with well-known products that can help in getting your glow back. Choose exfoliating skin products that contain vitamin E, which is particularly useful in renewing skin cells and improving the complexion. Once you have exfoliated, it is time to cleanse and tone the face. Use products that are natural, gentle and soft to your skin that can give you the ideal combination to rejuvenating your tired skin cells. Finally, apply a good moisturiser to the body and facial oil to the face to tone up and bring back the long lost glow on your face.

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